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Burberry & Prada Pop-Ups in The Miami Design District

We are delighted to announce the upcoming debut of TWO new designer pop-ups coming to the Miami Design District. Burberry’sWorld Of Olympia’ Pop-Up, will be unveiled in the neighborhood - June 22nd - as a part of the brand’s global pop-up series launch, in celebration of Burberry’s signature Italian-crafted Olympia bag.

A short walk will land you at Prada Outdoor’s ‘Coast’ Pop-Up, which opens - June 24th - and will feature an immersive fun-filled in-store beach setting experience, highlighting Prada’s new exclusive ‘Coast’ themed collection.

Burberry ‘World Of Olympia’ Pop-Up

The immersive and inviting experience brings the world of Olympia to life through a dynamic installation space that celebrates the aesthetic, craftsmanship, and inspiration behind Burberry’s Olympia bag. The architecture of the pop-up reflects a contemporary approach, highlighting sweeping curves lined with statues reminiscent of Ancient Greece, reimagined for a modern era. The shape of the space resembles the arc of the Olympia, a mesmerizing repetition of feminine form – majestic and strong.

The pop-up will house an assortment of Olympia bags, in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. There will also be a limited-edition collection featuring styles in warm sand and blue topaz with a chunky gold-plated chain strap, and marigold yellow and marsh green with leather straps. Each bag will have an edition number engraved on the inside.

To further enhance the luxury experience, an interactive AR (animated reality) component will allow guests the opportunity to bring to life the famed Elpis statue, placing an animated digital version of the statue in their surroundings to be able to wander around, leaving a trail of motion sequence statues behind.

Location: Burberry, Miami Design District - 112 NE 39th St #10, Miami, FL 33137

Dates: June 22nd - TBD

Prada Outdoor ‘Coast’ Pop-Up

Prada Outdoor, which is a series of pop-up shops and in-store installations, is dedicated to the emotions conveyed by four settings — Garden, Coast, Mountain, and Snow. Prada Outdoor’s immersive ‘Coast’ pop-up will transport guests directly into a theatrical coastal oasis, reminiscent of Miami’s very own beaches and surroundings, right within the Miami Design District neighborhood. The space will contain a selection of exclusive product from Prada’s ‘Coast’ collection, and will offer a multitude of unique experiences with an in-store DJ, a lifeguard tower, outdoor frozen ice & lemonade cart, a polaroid activation with take home postcards, and a data capture digital interaction Hypno Game for guests to enjoy.

Location: Prada, Miami Design District - 152 NE 41st St Suite 112, Miami, FL 33137

Dates: June 24 - July 12

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Gnazzo Group


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