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The Innovative Velvet Denim From DIESEL

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Have you ever heard of Velvet Denim? Denim is associated with being tough, rugged: the world’s most recognizable fabric. In contrast, velvet is luxurious, soft, and elegant. For DIESEL’s Fall 2019 collection, DIESEL has mashed the two fabrics together to create one mind-blowing, paradoxical, need-to-feel-to-believe hybrid: denim jeans that have the fabric hand of velvet.

Available in three classic silhouettes for both men and women, this innovative textile is created by flocking denim fabric to create a velvet-like texture. The end result is a perfect transitional jean from late summer into the fall/winter season. Multiple color offerings are DIESEL’s autumnal answer for brightly-hued summertime jeans.

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To support this evolution in the brand’s product offering, DIESEL has launched the “FOR SOFTIES” campaign. Presenting two ideals: the perception of ‘hard’ such as tattooed bodies, and a snake draped over a model’s torso and the perception of ‘soft’, needlepoint, teddy bears, and throughout all, Velvet Denim.

The fact that your outside appearance may deceive others with a wrong first impression, does not mean that you are a bad guy or girl. As the saying goes do not judge a book by its cover. DIESEL is where being unpredictable and full of contradictions is and will always be embraced, a philosophy which has powered the brand since the brand’s beginning over forty years ago.

Always innovating, always challenging conventions, with denim at its heart. For more info visit DIESEL.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of DIESEL


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