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UN-Silenced Art Exhibit Presented by Art Forever

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The UN-SILENCED Art Exhibit "Embracing the Black Woman's Voice" is happening this Friday 9/16 at Liberty Square - this is another Art Forever event by Addonis Parker, the Art Ambassador of Liberty City, to encourage and support art and artists in Liberty City.

This exhibit encompasses a global movement that brings greater recognition and acceptance of Black female artists and their creative gifts. Each artist, offers varying styles and techniques, creating truly beautiful paintings that detail the history, accomplishments, and the cultural and emotional states of Black women everywhere.


Alfrena has been an artist her entire life. It started off from elementary school and she graduated from Miami International School of Art and Design. Here in South Florida she has taught for 8+ years. Alfrena has always used her gift to make a difference in people’s houses, businesses and their communities with multiple artwork like portraits, murals, sculptures etc. Alfrena has been a Therapeutic Art Life Coach for the past five years and has shared art in amazing locations such as the Salvation Army, Lotus House, Camillus House, multiple rehab centers, local churches and so much more. One of her coolest accomplishments was illustrating children’s books written by others as well as her own. Email: /SM: @AlfrenaMoosa /


I was in the seventh grade when I first discovered my natural artistic talent. My potential to be an artist was later confirmed when in the eleventh grade, my teacher placed me in the advanced art program after I showed her my sketch book. That opportunity heightened my exposure to artistic skills and discipline and deepened my resolve to develop my talent. As a Fine Art major at Florida A&M University, I gained an appreciation for brush strokes, watercolors and photography, all of which influence the paintings I create now. My preferred subject is painting portraits in watercolor, especially of the Black woman as a creator and caretaker. My observations of everyday life inspire the subjects I create and paint. A stunning smile here, a braided hairstyle there, a glance at the joy or sadness on the face of a child—each scene is different and looked at through multiple lenses. With my art, I seek to emphasize the connection between Mother Nature and divine feminine to the tangible reality of daily life. As I grow as an artist, my quest is to maintain the balance between my creative spirit and my acquisition of artistic skills. Email: / SM: @_qteeeart

JOANNE Hamstead-Lam

Joanne Lam’s pieces are usually based on women of color. The subject’s powerful emotions and warmth and vibrancy of their skin is usually Joanne’s signature. The artist’s aim is to give the audience a visceral experience of power and beauty. Each subject reflecting a distinct expression of how they approach life/their audience. The authentic nature of people of color is what drives Ms. Lam’s work. Email: / SM:@xanartgallery


I am Winsome Bolt, daughter of Jamaica, citizen of the world. My creative process begins with an interior space that needs to be reimagined. I analyze structures, textures, colors, and trending themes to bring forth a new space that suits the needs of each project. Everything is new with trials and tribulations which contribute to the inspiration and thus affect the entire process. At my core, I am meant to develop what I see in my dreams and bring it forth to life. This is done through interior design, painting, exhibitions, and art classes. My greatest joy in life is seeing the happiness that art as an experience brings to others. It is the greatest change agent that I know. Email: / SM:@winsomebolt /


I am self-taught and God-taught as an artist. I have been painting and drawing since early childhood and my study of art is never ending. Oil is my preferred medium. My artwork spans the styles of expressionism, the abstract, and my version of cubism, which I have termed “whimsical abstract.” I also love portraiture and creating murals. As a visual artist I am greatly influenced by architectural structures, music, and musical instruments. I am deeply connected to my African roots through its rich history and its culture of sculpture, artifacts, and design motifs. I often incorporate these elements into my artwork. I am also a muralist, preferring private installations. My current work, as always, is consistent with my love for vibrant color, organic elements, and compositions that require emotion-stirring thought. I’ve never been one to create art solely for the purpose beautifying a space. My work has a message that inspires love, joy, hope, and peace. My clients and those who admire my artwork find a personal connection to the compositions. I am always on the quest for perfection as an artist. E: / SM: wandapaulette /

By ML Staff. Art work credit: Joanne Hamstead-Lam, Purple girls, Afri-Lady III - Wanda Paulette Harris, Silent Blessings by Alfrena Moosa. Images courtesy of each artist.


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