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The Ultimate Caribbean Party in St. Kitts: Parades, Pageants, and Popping!

From November 21 through January 2, 2023 an explosion of music, color, dance, folklore, food, and beach parties will breathe incredible life throughout the island. As St. Kitts is an island known for its unique, strong history and cultural presence, Sugar Mas is an event highly anticipated by all residents, thrilled at the prospect of sharing their beautiful and joyous cultural celebrations with visitors.

Though the event list for Sugar Mas is plentiful, featuring pageants, concerts, parties, and fetes, the two most coveted events are J’ouvert and Parade Day.

  • Starting at 4am on December 26, J’ouvert begins in a pre-dawn march through the streets of St. Kitts capital, Basseterre. Filled with drinking, dancing, and soca tunes, attendees are encouraged to prepare for this event’s tradition of mud, paint, and clay slinging!

  • To close out Sugar Mas with a bang, Parade Day takes place on January 2 and is the largest of the month-long celebrations. Adorned in carnival costumes, Kittitians, Folklore groups, and moko jumbies, dance through the street to Caribbean tunes. The electrifying energy at Parade Day is the perfect way to ring in the new year and bid Sugar Mas adieu until the following year.

How do I get to St. Kitts from Miami?

Daily, non-stop American Airlines flights run to St. Kitts’ Robert L. Bradshaw Airport (SKB) from Miami International Airport (MIA). With a flight time just under 3 hours, St. Kitts and the celebrations of Sugar Mas are quickly accessible from southern Florida.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of The Ultimate Caribbean Party in St. Kitts


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