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The Cinematic Legacy of Roderick McClure and Joshua Ferrell

Meet Roderick McClure and Joshua Ferrell, the visionary duo behind RodFather Productions, celebrated for their groundbreaking approach to storytelling in cinema. Their latest venture, Both Eyes Open, a gripping psychological thriller starring Taye Diggs and a stellar ensemble, has garnered acclaim for its bold exploration of honesty and paranoia. Known as industry "game changers," Roderick and Joshua share a remarkable journey—Roderick, a late bloomer turned pioneer, and Joshua, a compassionate people connector empowering young creatives. Together, their synergy at RodFather Productions not only elevates overlooked narratives but also fosters an unparalleled on-set environment that leaves a lasting impact on all collaborators. Join us as we delve into their cinematic legacy, their future aspirations, and the family ethos that defines their success.

Miami Living (ML): Roderick and Joshua, it's a pleasure to speak with you both. Can you take us back to the beginning of RodFather Productions? What sparked the idea to collaborate and create your own filmmaking legacy together?

Roderick: The idea for RodFather Productions was born out of our mutual passion for storytelling and a shared vision to bring unique, authentic narratives to the screen. From the moment we met, we connected over our love for cinema and our desire to challenge the status quo in the film industry. Joshua’s incredible ability to connect with people and my drive to push creative boundaries made us a perfect team. We wanted to create a platform that not only told compelling stories but also fostered a supportive and inclusive environment for all creatives.

ML: Your latest project, the edge-of-your-seat thriller “Both Eyes Open”, has captivated audiences with its psychological depth. How did the concept for this thriller evolve, and what were some of the most rewarding moments in bringing such a gripping narrative to life?

Joshua: "Both Eyes Open" started as a captivating script that immediately caught our attention. The psychological depth and the exploration of honesty and paranoia were themes that intrigued us. Our director brought a unique vision to the project, and the collaboration between the cast and crew was nothing short of magical. One of the most rewarding moments was seeing how the actors, especially Gail Bean and Joy Brunson, brought their characters to life in ways that exceeded our expectations. The entire process, from pre-production to the final edit, was an exhilarating journey.

ML: Acclaimed actor Taye Diggs (The Best Man/Chicago/Rent) has spoken highly of his experience working with RodFather Productions. What do you think contributed most to the positive atmosphere on set, and how do you maintain such a supportive environment throughout filming?

Valuing People: One of our foundational principles is prioritizing people. We understand that our success is built on the talent, dedication, and creativity of our team members. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, we ensure that everyone feels valued and heard. This approach not only boosts morale but also encourages collaboration and innovation, leading to better outcomes for our projects.

Emphasizing Fun and Enjoyment: Creativity flourishes in an environment where people enjoy what they do. We make it a priority to ensure that our work is not only productive but also enjoyable. By incorporating fun into our processes, we foster a positive atmosphere that stimulates creativity and keeps our team motivated. Whether it's through team-bonding activities, celebrating milestones, or simply maintaining a light-hearted work culture, we believe that having fun is a critical element of our success.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering high-quality work in everything we do. This commitment drives us to continuously improve and strive for excellence. By setting high standards and holding ourselves accountable, we ensure that our projects meet or exceed expectations, which strengthens our reputation and builds trust with our partners and audience. This standard becomes infectious on set.

ML: Roderick, you've been hailed as a pioneer and disruptor in the industry. What drives your passion for storytelling, and how do you identify the unique narratives that RodFather Productions aims to bring to audiences?

Roderick: My passion for storytelling stems from my own experiences and the transformative power of cinema. Growing up, films were a window to a world beyond my own, shaping my dreams and aspirations. We look for narratives that are not only unique but also reflect diverse experiences and perspectives. Our goal is to tell real stories about real people, showcasing that anyone, regardless of their background, can achieve greatness.

ML: Joshua, your role as a "people connector" is integral to your work. Could you share a bit about how you cultivate relationships within the industry and empower creatives to thrive under the RodFather Productions banner?

Joshua: I love to create and advocate for opportunities for people I see significant potential in. I use my network to introduce young creatives to industry professionals who can help them advance their careers. By facilitating these connections, I help them build relationships that are crucial for their professional growth. I focus on creating a supportive community. By fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support among young creatives, I help them build a network of peers who can offer advice, share opportunities, and collaborate on projects. This sense of community not only empowers them but also creates a strong support system that can help them overcome challenges together. I had the pleasure of employing over 20 mentees and associates from my network for our most recent film, Both Eyes Open. This included actors and aspiring actors who either landed key roles in the film, key background spots or made meaningful connections for future opportunities. Photographers had their work credited in a feature film for the first time, as well as musical artists who created scores that were included in the film. Additionally, I hired a friend who is a chef that has been trying to expand her business to the film industry to cater our production, and she has since been hired for three other unrelated productions as a result of the excellent service she provided for ours. I also hired friends who own professional transportation services, who have subsequently received recurring clientele from our cast even after production concluded. And the list goes on. This collaborative effort not only enriched our film but also provided valuable opportunities for everyone involved.

ML: Both of you have backgrounds that include overcoming significant challenges. Can you share a moment when your love for movies helped you navigate adversity?

Roderick: Growing up watching movies exposed me to a world that was totally different from the neighborhood I grew up in. It was through watching movies that my dreams, goals and aspirations were formed. I knew I wanted to be successful and explore many things. Each movie had its own unique impression on me. One example was the role of Al Pacino in The Godfather. I saw a well-dressed young man that possessed power and courage in the face of danger. He was always cool, calm and collected. I became intrigued by the storyline and interested in filmmaking.

ML: Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, you're involved in philanthropy. Could you tell us about a cause or project that's particularly close to your hearts?

Roderick: I love supporting domestic organizations that empower future minority leaders and serve underserved communities which even lead me to start my own non-profit organization, Millennial Bridge. We also support various mission efforts in Africa including Heart4Africa, a non-profit organization that takes in orphan babies that have been abandoned on the streets.

ML: Looking ahead, what excites you most about the future of RodFather Productions? Are there particular genres or types of stories you hope to explore further?

Roderick: The future of RodFather Productions is incredibly exciting. We have several upcoming projects that we're passionate about, including a feature on a young African American entrepreneur who founded an airline by the age of 27. We’re also diving into animation, which opens up a whole new world of storytelling possibilities. Exploring different genres and pushing creative boundaries is what keeps us energized and motivated for the future.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Eric Jordan


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