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TAG Heuer & Kith Unveil Collaborative Collection: Chronometric Fusion

TAG Heuer, renowned for its iconic Formula 1 timepieces, has teamed up with lifestyle brand Kith to launch a captivating collection that pays homage to the original Formula 1 series while infusing a modern twist. The collaboration introduces 10 new watches, each exuding a distinct charm and limited availability.

With a nod to its rich history, TAG Heuer embraces the essence of the original Formula 1, which has garnered admiration from both men and women worldwide for decades. This partnership seeks to maintain the essence of the beloved timepiece while adding a fresh perspective. The collection's limited production ensures exclusivity without compromising on quality.

The collection comprises seven exclusive models available only at Kith, each celebrating a different store within its global network. These watches showcase vibrant colors, including sports-car red, black-and-yellow, and nods to the rare '80s iteration in collaboration with Japanese F1 driver Ukyo Katayama. Limited to 250 pieces each, these watches come in stainless steel or rubber bracelet editions, adding versatility to the lineup.

TAG Heuer introduces two exclusive models limited to 825 pieces each, featuring striking blue and green bezels and straps paired with a black PVD case and dial. These editions, with their bold hues, are set to make a statement among watch enthusiasts.

A standout piece in the collection is the shared model between TAG Heuer and Kith, limited to 1350 pieces. This classic black-bezel watch with red accents pays homage to the original Formula 1 series, blending modern features with vintage aesthetics. The steel bracelet and eggshell dial evoke nostalgia for the 1986 model, offering a timeless appeal to collectors.

Retaining the essence of the Series 1 Formula 1, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 | Kith collection incorporates original design elements such as the distinctive hour hand and unique indices. These small details, reminiscent of the original model, add character and charm to the contemporary timepieces.

The collection's first edition was introduced in-store in Miami on May 3rd, followed by a global launch on May 6th, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the fusion of heritage and modernity firsthand. With its limited availability and captivating design, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 | Kith collection is set to make waves in the world of horology, appealing to collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of TAG Heuer.


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