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Salty Mermaid Unveils Banded Collection at Miami Swim Week® 2024

Salty Mermaid, the renowned sustainable swimwear brand celebrated for its colorful patterns, proudly introduces its latest masterpiece - the Banded Collection, debuting at Miami Swim Week® 2024. 

Founder and CEO Sarah Jon, a true beach enthusiast and Florida Native, has once again raised the bar in the swimwear industry. The Banded Collection is a testament to Salty Mermaid's commitment to celebrating life's cherished moments and enduring bonds, symbolizing adventure, self-confidence, and empowerment.

The collection features a stunning array of swimwear pieces, including 5 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 one-pieces, available in 10 vibrant color choices. Each bikini is named after Sarah Jon's friends, reflecting the profound connections that inspire the brand.

Crafted with integrity and designed for versatility, the Banded Collection perfectly encapsulates the essence of true beach vibes. The buttery fabric with texture and shimmer exudes a sexy and confident allure, while maintaining functionality for any waterside occasion.

Sarah Jon's vision for the Banded Collection was sparked by her desire to create a line that embodies the spirit of coastal living and celebrates individuality. With over 10 neutral tones to choose from, ranging from Hot Pink to Warm Emerald Green, each piece in the collection is a true reflection of the Salty Mermaid ethos - playful, empowering, and timeless.

"We wanted to create a collection that not only looks beautiful but also makes every woman feel confident and empowered," said Sarah Jon, the creative force behind Salty Mermaid. "The Banded Collection is a celebration of friendship, adventure, and the enduring bonds that inspire us every day."

The Banded Collection from Salty Mermaid is now available for purchase, inviting all badass Mermaids to make a statement with luxe fabrication and gold-stitched elastic bearing the brand's name. Fashionable, functional, and designed to offer top-notch support, the Banded Collection is a must-have for every woman who embraces life with passion and style.

For more information about Salty Mermaid and the Banded Collection, please visit

Instagram: @SaltyMermaidSwim

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Sarah Swanson


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