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Protect & Preserve Miami Beach's Arts & Culture

The Bass is proud to support Miami Beach Referendum #2, a once-in-a-lifetime bond measure that will bring $159 million to our arts and culture institutions.

This referendum is critical to protecting and preserving our treasured arts and cultural facilities for future generations, providing dedicated funding for capital improvements and infrastructure enhancements needed by our renowned arts and culture anchors.

If passed, The Bass will use these funds to update Pritzker Prize-winning architect Arata Isozaki’s original 1995 building concept to add a new wing, providing expanded gallery, programming and event space to serve the growing needs of Miami Beach’s vibrant audiences.

With an expanded facility, the museum will have the capacity to exhibit new acquisitions from The Collection while temporary exhibitions are on view in the main building, allowing the museum to continue to tell the unfolding story of our time and place through contemporary art.


Your vote of FOR THE BOND on Referendum # 2 protects and preserves our Miami Beach cultural institutions for generations to come. It supports expanding and increasing free, accessible arts programming for students, seniors, and families.

Vote early before November 6, or vote on or November 8.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Miami Beach Cultural Department


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