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Poliform’s Newly Renovated Miami Flagship Store in the Design District

Poliform launches its new Miami flagship store, with fully renovated architecture and interior design. An open space where furniture and systems create an integrated universe for contemporary living. Poliform Miami will be inaugurated on April 4, officially presenting itself as a new location for lovers of quality design in the city.


Poliform Miami, full-scale restyling.

Poliform renovates its Miami flagship store, a historic store with a 20-year presence in the exclusive Design District. Recently reopened after a renovation lasting several months, the showroom introduces a completely new look, as harmonious in its color and material combinations as it is balanced in its architectural and furniture offerings.


Indeed, the showroom area appears as an expansive, bright open space of 550 square meters, within which it is possible to wander around freely and be transported into the universe of a Poliform home.


The outcome of Poliform Miami's restyling project is already apparent from the outside. The facade was in fact redesigned to support the brand's corporate image worldwide, thus featuring an all-black frame enclosing the large windows. It thus emerges even more prominently from the white concrete architecture that surrounds it, an eye-catcher aided by an exceptional location at the corner of two central crossroads in the district.


Inside, the intervention extended to surfaces and finishes: the suspended ceiling and flooring were completely reconstructed, in parallel with the reorganization of the spaces. In fact, in this new showroom configuration, there are no architectural barriers between the various settings, which are distinct from each other in terms of set decor scenes but also thanks to visual tricks, such as the use of different materials for different areas. Further facilitating the separation of environments and creating a fluid path through the space are the company's flagship large day and night systems. The new showroom layout is in fact intended to highlight not only Poliform's latest products in terms of furnishings but also its architectural solutions: a combination that allows for the development of integrated design and reinterprets the domestic dimension in an innovative way, giving rise to architecture that is comprehensive.


The heart of the new flagship building is the central wooden patio, around which gravitate numerous living and sleeping areas that can be admired from an exceptional viewpoint from this spatial fulcrum. As if on a stage, two icons of Poliform home - designed by Jean-Marie Massaud - stand out here: the Brera sofa, offered in a curved composition to symbolize its profoundly versatile DNA, and Saint-Germain, a tribute to soft comfort.


And it is precisely the living room that tells its own story in the most varied and articulated expressions: modular compositions of the Bristol sofa and the Westside sofa reveal the company's desire to create universes of well-being, to be experienced in the privacy of one's home as well as in the most welcoming hospitality as hosts, combining refined aesthetics with a multifunctional character. While dining becomes the bearer of the more traditional values of conviviality: witness the Curve, Kensington, and Concorde tables in a custom version.


Space is then given to the great protagonists of the living area, the kitchens: three compositions tell the story of the company's profound expertise in this sector, which combines rationality, emotion, function, and aesthetics to create sensory spaces par excellence that place people at the very heart of it all. Here, then, is a large composition of Artex Pro and Ale Pro, both with islands, and the Phoenix model.  

The sleeping area completes the panorama of furnishings, where next to the Yume and Kelly beds, a large closet area comes into its own: the Pivot door system leads to an area where the modularity of the systems (Senzafine, Match, Code, Ubik, and Lexington) and their compositional freedom transform the concept of closets in a modern key: places of order, storage, customization, but also self-care.

All this around a corollary of accessories, seating, and systems, creating the unique, elegant, and timeless atmosphere that defines the brand's identity and design.


Poliform Miami is thus the complete expression of the Poliform lifestyle, a location where visitors can experience its ideal of contemporary living, composed of essential lines, harmonious tones, and refined materials, but also of impressions, emotions, and atmospheres that breathe life into a recognizable style. The restyling of this flagship store was thus fundamental, as it is particularly active in the market in the development of high-end, multi-purpose residential and multi-residential projects: on the one hand, to showcase the new collections, and on the other, to make the Poliform lifestyle and expertise, which is a culture of design and concept planning, noticeable within a city and a market of primary importance to the company.


Poliform Miami Showroom Address and Phone Number

Poliform Miami

4100 NE 2nd Avenue

Suite 101 - 102

Miami, FL 33137

(305) 573-9950

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Poliform


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