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PLAYA SOL Goes Deep Into The Jungle

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

PLAYA SOL is a Miami-based resort fashion brand founded by designer Diana Gutierrez in 2022. Born in Venezuela, Diana has never forgotten her childhood memories which were formed at the sea surrounded by palm trees. Venezuela, a happy place with an ocean lifestyle famous for its success in beauty pageants ignited Diana’s creativity, deep love for beauty, nature and exploration. Elements from the Miami and New York fashion scene also deeply influenced and shaped her unique vision. At the age of 16, she cut and sewed her first dress using old patterns that were given to her by her fashion teacher.

The PLAYA SOL name, which translates into "beach sun", was born by putting together the designer’s idea of the two basic needs of happiness: the beach and the sun. In creating their latest collection Clever Jungle, the brand drew inspiration from the depths of the tropical jungle. Elements of the dark jungle conveyed mystery and high fashion throughout every design. Silk fabrics, custom prints, and highly skilled embroidery techniques have become PLAYA SOL's signature style. The designer’s vision of recreating and mixing high fashion designs with comfort has created one-of-a-kind pieces worthy of a jet set ocean lifestyle.

The Clever Jungle collection consists of abstract jungle prints paired with PLAYA SOL signature black metallic and matte swimsuits. In this collection, you will find a variety of sheer sequence embroidered styles with many pieces made of 100% silk fabrics. As of 2023, all their swimwear is 100% made in the USA using the highest quality of sustainable spandex fabrics. Supporting USA-made products is such an important element in keeping manufacturing jobs in our nation.

Where PLAYA SOL really stands out is in their creation of one-of-a-kind embellished Kaftans, tunics, skirts and dresses conveying elegance and sultriness. Many of the fabrics are custom dyed to create a variety of ombre colors used in previous collections. Every embellished garment is carefully hand embroidered by artisans using an extensive colorful collection of beads, stones, and sequence. Their Clever Jungle collection now includes a one-of-a-kind collection of beaded and embroidered purses and clutches.

PLAYA SOL is for the fierce woman who isn’t afraid to stand out. A woman who has an eye for elegance, quality and likes a little mystery. As you will see, many styles quickly turn into staple go-to pieces due to their versatility to dress up and dress down. You can easily go from yachting to your favorite restaurant wearing all but one bikini and a stunning silk coverup dress.

Being able to stand out in a crowd while staying silent is a powerful skill to obtain. At PLAYA SOL, wearing black is always a good idea.

Instagram: @playasolswim

Photographer: Thomas Concordia

Jewelry: Zoyalty Jewelry

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Thomas Concordia


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