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Osumi Cocktail & Sushi Bar Opens in Coral Gables

Osumi Cocktail & Sushi Bar, an exciting Japanese American fusion concept, announced today the grand opening of its first location, situated in the heart of Coral Gables. Nestled at 110-112 Giralda Avenue, Osumi marries casual sophistication with modern gastronomy, reflecting the elevated aesthetic of Coral Gables in every aspect—from its refined interior design to its food and beverage offerings featuring inventive Japanese American cuisine with added Latin influence.

With a menu that promises to delight the palate, Osumi will serve an array of Asian-inspired dishes from classic and creative sushi rolls and nigiri to fresh surf ‘n turf and wagyu beef dishes, available for both lunch and dinner seven days a week. Enticing options include a list of Signature Rolls like the Osumi Sushi Roll, made with shrimp tempura, avocado, Hamachi, Japanese acevichada, and crispy quinoa furikake; and the flavorful Kanicado Roll, which brings a touch of heat with its main ingredient, spicy blue crab, rolled with avocado, cucumber, and masago with serrano aioli and crispy quinoa.

Starters highlight the restaurant’s unique use of ingredients through dishes like the Shishito Ponzu with shishito peppers served with Andean corn, sesame ponzu and crunchy bonito flakes, and the Yama-No Miso Soup, a savory twist on the classic Japanese comfort food made with shiitake mushroom broth, spinach, aburaage, daikon and scallions. Mouthwatering entrees like the Shrimp Furrita, a plate of shrimp tempura sprinkled with yuzu garlic aioli served over a bed of steamed rice, and the Gochudare Ribs, Gochujang based pork ribs paired with yuzu coleslaw for a simultaneously crunchy and zesty effect, round out the must-try larger-portioned offerings.

The Gables’ lunchtime crowd will delight in Osumi’s “Executive Lunch” menu, offering a delicious entrée for $20 or a combination of an entrée and appetizer for $26 (all orders include a soda beverage). A more expansive a la carte dinner menu boasts specialties such as the Wagyu Gyoza (5-piece Japanese A5 Wagyu dumplings), Surf & Turf Maki (Shrimp tempura, lobster, avocado with Wagyu and Japanese teriyaki), and the signature Osumi Steak paired with escabeche beans and sautéed vegetables. 

"What sets Osumi apart is not just our exceptional fusion menu or the elegant setting, but the experience we aim to provide our guests,” says co-owner Hernan Santarcangelo, who was also the architect of the restaurant. "We’ve created a space where fine dining meets casual comfort, a place where every visit is an occasion. Coral Gables is the perfect backdrop for Osumi, reflecting our commitment to quality in all aspects of hospitality in a neighborhood known for its discerning taste.” 

Crafted through an esteemed partnership with The Garnish's co-founders, Andy Cabrera and Loiver Hernandez Crespo—two luminaries ascending the echelons of Miami’s mixology milieu who are renowned for their success behind the bar of the award-winning Café La Trova—Osumi's cocktail program is a celebration of Japanese spirits, craft cocktails, and after-dinner drinks. Guests can indulge in signature creations such as the Lychee Highball (Canaima Gin, dry vermouth, lychee, citrus, absinthe and bubbles), and the Ibaraki Sour (a mix of Ichiiko Saiten Shoshu, Midori, sugar, lime and creamy Yuzu foam), each offering a meticulous blend of flavors perfect for complementing any meal. The bar also boasts an impressive collection of Japanese whiskies, including the revered Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky and Hibiki Japanese Harmony, alongside a selection of Amaro Montenegro, Ume Plum Liquor, and other fine liquors and wines. Accompanied by an excellent wine and sake list, including selections like Bepin de Eto Brut Prosecco and Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo, Osumi’s robust beverage program pays homage to Japanese spirits and artisanal mixology.

In a distinctive nod to connoisseurs and collectors, Osumi introduces an exclusive liquor bottle purchasing program, allowing patrons to buy a bottle and store it in one of the 28 showcased lockers by the bar for future visits. This complimentary locker service, offered with the purchase of any full bottle, comes with a personalized name tag and an elegant Osumi-logo keychain, ensuring each client’s favorite selection awaits them, sip after exquisite sip.

For those seeking a more casual yet equally refined experience, Osumi's “Happy Hour” offers an enticing array of bites and cocktails at special prices daily from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Favorites like the Shishito Ponzu, Chili Edamame, and Osumi Fried Rice pair perfectly with $7 cocktails including the Ōsumi Highball, Evergarden G&T, and the Sakura Martini, making Osumi the ideal spot for after-work gatherings or a relaxed start to an evening out. Furthermore, craft beer enthusiasts will appreciate $6 selections from local breweries, featuring the likes of Miami’s own Eternal and The Child brewed by Unseen Creatures. International options like the Marihara and malt lager Kirin Ichiban, for a taste of Japan, are available in the restaurant’s main beverage menu. 

Spanning 4,000 square feet, including a lively outdoor area and a cozy indoor space, Osumi has been designed with versatility and comfort in mind. The space accommodates up to 150 guests (69 indoor, 45 outdoor), offering various dining experiences from the 21-seat bar area to the intimate 15-seat VIP section with its own dedicated bar, each crafted to provide an intimate and memorable dining encounter. Inspired by the authenticity of small, omakase-style Japanese restaurants, the founders of Osumi embarked on a journey to Japan to immerse themselves in the country’s rich culinary culture. This expedition laid the foundation for Osumi’s concept—a blend of Japanese tradition and American innovation. The design elements of Osumi pay tribute to this vision, incorporating materials and finishes typical of Japanese restaurants, yet interpreted with a modern twist that resonates with Miami’s cosmopolitan vibe.

Osumi is a welcome and notable addition to Miami’s celebrated dining scene. With a focus on fine-dining Japanese cuisine and an unparalleled cocktail bar, Osumi is poised to become a staple for both local foodies and international visitors. The restaurant will operate Sunday to Monday from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. and extend its hours on Friday and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., ensuring that Osumi is a destination for both leisurely lunches and vibrant evenings.

Osumi Cocktail & Sushi Bar is located at 110-112 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, FL, 33134. For more information, please visit To reserve, please call 786-684-8110 or email Follow Osumi on Instagram at @osumisushibar and Facebook at Valet parking is not available; however, guests can easily find street parking and public garages in the area. 

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Osumi Cocktail & Sushi Bar


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