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Myriad by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton introduces Myriad, the sixth masterpiece in the Les Extraits Collection, as Jacques Cavallier Belletrud collaborates with legendary architect Frank Gehry to craft a fragrance that marries a fabulously complex aroma with a rich historical narrative. This olfactory symphony, featuring made-to-measure rose, saffron, cocoa extract, ambrette, and white musk, culminates in a final touch of moss, creating a scent that thrives on oxymorons—intense yet light, black yet composed of a myriad of colors. Myriad pays homage to life’s extraordinary color palette, drawing inspiration from nature with a daring hue of tawny red and amber pink, encapsulating a fragrance that is both a sensory delight and a work of art.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton


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