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Meet Giselle: Miami’s Newest Resident

Have you heard about Giselle? Located above the well-known E11EVEN nightclub in the heart of Miami, this rooftop restaurant not only offers breathtaking views of the city but also a fine dining experience for late-night owls. Brought to life by E11EVEN and The Restaurant People, this sexy lady is here to make a name for herself.

Made for those who appreciate good food—at any time of day or night—Giselle’s eclectic menu has something for everyone. The menu is inspired by French, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine—mix that with a touch of Miami’s vibrant flavor, and you’ve got magic. Chef Gustavo Zuluaga was inspired by many international influences to create a menu that embodies Miami, E11EVEN, and its people.

To find a fine dining restaurant in the city where the kitchen closes at 2a.m., let alone a kitchen where you can get a Maine Lobster Fra Diavolo served at midnight, is a true a gem. While Miami has many great places to dine, many of them close their kitchens much earlier in the evening. Giselle Miami offers a dining experience like no other. The venue is ready for anything—an intimate dinner for two inside the main dining area, or a larger party looking to celebrate and make new friends in the outdoor lounge and terrace.

Upon arrival, guests will take the private elevator up to the rooftop where a hostess will be ready to greet them: Welcome to Giselle. On the terrace, the swanky restaurant has beautiful marble dining tables, classic neon pink signs on the wall, a prominent bar with lush greens hanging from the top, and above it all unfolds a retractable roof—allowing guest to visit even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The terrace is a fantastic space to mingle and admire the Miami skyline. Try a cocktail or two, all cleverly named to keep up with Giselle’s sexy vibe. Maybe you start the night with a Make Me Blush—where the waitress will perfume your drink on the spot—and end with 11:11 Wish—served in a fun ceramic mug with cotton candy on top, just what you wished for!

Inside the main dining area, also called the Dream Room, the walls and the ceiling feature elaborately carved baroque detailing—a beautiful work of art resembling French lace.

Your time at Giselle will be over-the-top, a decadent eating experience unlike any other. The menu is broken up into five sections. To start the night off, under The Finer Things, the Clase & Caviar Bump will set the scene for what’s to come. Think of a tequila shot, but you chase it with with caviar. First Glance will be where you find your appetizers—there are so many great options.

The Chilled Shrimp Cocktail is served over a bed of crushed ice—these oversized shrimps have just the right amount of flavor and the perfect texture. The Bluefin Tuna Truffle Cones are probably my favorite presentation of tuna—ever. The miniature cones sit on top of a bowl of sesame seeds, with freshly “scooped” tuna, topped with shaved truffle, and sprinkled with a touch of gold. It’s the perfect little bite. Finally, the Truffle Toast will feature the largest shaved pieces of truffle you’ll ever see.

The Seaduction section of the menu is where you will find one of my favorites, the Crispy Whole Snapper—served in all its glory, this beauty is inspired by Peruvian cuisine and features salsa criolla as well as aji amarillo aioli. Don’t be intimidated, just dig in. The Desire section of the menu is made for the meat lovers—from Filet Mignon to NY Strip— and if you would like to indulge, the Japanese A5 is a mouthwatering experience.

Finally, there is no better way to end the night than with a little thing from the Pleasures list. A new twist on the classic tres leches dessert, Giselle’s Pearls is made with not tres, not cuatro, but seis leches and topped with delicious gold and silver pearls.

Whatever your plans are, Giselle Miami is the place to be and feel like a superstar—who knows, maybe you’ll see one!

Giselle Miami is located at 14 NE 11th St., Miami

For more information, visit:

By Claudia Paredes. Images courtesy of Giselle, Craig Denis Creative, and Felipe Cuevas


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