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Under Her Influence: Lindsey Pelas is Building a Killer Career & We’re All Taking Notes

Over the last few years, Lindsey Pelas’ popularity has skyrocketed. The former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month (May 2014) has become an entrepreneur and social media influencer with a massive following (13.5 million followers) on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and is the host/founder of the podcast, Eyes Up Here. Streamed weekly on Focus TV, her podcast features celebrity guests and friends who discuss a range of topics from the news, body positivity, beauty, and lifestyle.

Lindsey always dreamed of being a movie star. Born and raised in southern Louisiana, she graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in history. After graduating college, she worked as a bartender and yoga instructor, then, started modeling for Playboy in 2013. Her resume grew tremendously from there. She has worked with magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Maxim, in TV/film, and even produced her own annual swimsuit calendars.

It’s been a steady climb for Lindsey and people have taken notice of her success. Her expertise has been sought out for a number of digital marketing panels and conferences, including the Global Ventures Summit in L.A. and Mexico City, MX as well as Complex Con and the Forum. What sort of advice would you offer to those interested in pursuing a similar career path? “I like to tell people that, ‘Only you know what you’re capable of. Don’t let the opinions or doubts of others get you down.’ This business is fickle and unfair, but I like to think that within it and life, in general, the good guys always win in the end,” shares Lindsey.

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How did you get into the entertainment industry and how has social media played a role in your career?

Lindsey Pelas: I got into the industry through social media. I have always had an interest in selfies and self-expression through photography. I was obsessed with MySpace in high school and I loved the beginning of Instagram. I took a lot of selfies, played with hashtags, and I was a whiz at edits and filters from the start.

What drew you to modeling?

LP: I was obsessed with glamour growing up, The Girls Next Door, WWE Divas, NFL cheerleaders, and pop singers. I loved hair and makeup, costumes, and role playing. It was always an obsession of mine. I worked at Hooters for four years when I was in college. My first modeling opportunity was posing for their international swimsuit calendar.

Let’s talk about your podcast, Eyes Up Here. How did this get started and what do you talk about?

LP: I was actually a guest on a few comedian’s shows: Jenny McCarthy, Todd Shapiro, Josh Wolf, and Bert Kreischer. It was Bert who actually convinced me to make my own. He said I had a natural talent for conversation and I needed to connect with people on a new and deeper level. I took his advice and produced Eyes Up Here. Eyes Up Here is actually grew to cover social stereotyping, stigma, and a reflection of human behavior. I have amazing guests and I love getting to understand them on a deeper level.

What upcoming projects are you excited to work on this upcoming year?

LP: This year, I have new TV opportunities in the works. I’m also excited to see how my new business/ restaurant venture, Sugar Taco, grows. My 2020 calendar will definitely be a ton of fun too! Lots going on.

What are some opportunities that you’d like to explore that you haven’t been able to try yet?

LP: I’d like to do a little writing one day. It would also be cool to take my acting to the next level. I’d love to land a role in a major film.

What’s one motto you live by and how does that drive how you live life every day?

LP: When choosing between two difficult choices, I love to ask myself, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” to be sure I’m not making any fear-based decisions.

For more on Lindsey, visit Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @LindseyPelas

Words by Briana Dodson · Photo credit: Olly Vento

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