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HX50 from Hill Helicopters

The next gen of rotorcraft is here. Meet the HX50 from Hill Helicopters. The company claims it will revolutionize the aviation market by making personal flight luxurious, simple and engaging.

Priced at $679.00, the luxury helicopter has a sleek and elegant outline with futuristic lines for dynamic flight performance. The U.K.-based company plans to initially offer the aircraft in an FAA-certified (Part 27) version in 2023, followed by the release of the HC50 in 2026.

The HX50 features a sleek composite fuselage, retractable landing gear, a three-blade rotor system and a ducted tail rotor that enables a cruise speed of 140 knots and a maximum range of 700 nm.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Hill Helicopters.


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