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Hino Studio Debuts First Furniture And Accessories Collection

Updated: May 8, 2023

Miami-based interior design firm, Hino Studio, debuts a collectible design furniture and accessory collection, inspired by South Africa.

Founded in Miami in 2000 by Carola Hinojosa, Hino Studio is now run by her daughter Sabrina MacLean. Carola relocated and eventually retired in South Africa after she found herself locked down on a game farm during the Covid-19 pandemic. “During that year, which I spent exploring the land and building relationships with its people, I discovered the beauty and charm of this serene country, and decided to retire in Capetown, which is a magical city with magnificent scenery ranging from mountains, beaches, forests, and wine country. What could be better! It was one of the best opportunities that was given to me during my entire life. For the African Accessories collection, I wanted to represent the local craftsman’s savoir faire, and give back as these skilled workers do not have access to international opportunities. Thus, I designed several pieces inspired by the Zulu people. They are the single largest ethnic group in South Africa, recognized for their strong personalities and indestructible fighting spirit, but also for the joy and love they showed me. Hence, why I called the nesting tables the tribal tables.” - Carola Hinojosa

With over a decade of experience in the Interior Design world, Sabrina Maclean has dedicated her career to creating harmonious spaces for every client, and has become known for her mindful approach to her work, gravitating towards elements of wellness and sustainability to create serene spaces and uniquely holistic experiences for her clients.

Focused on masterful proportions, luxurious materials, and meticulous detailing, Hino Studio’s projects are recognized by the impeccable results. A deep understanding of the intimacy of the process is central to the studio’s ethos, recognizing the invitation into a space to create a home.

As Interior Designers, and now furniture and object designers, their detail-oriented approach leads to designing each space with intention and purpose. In each project, the Interior Architecture of a space is carefully considered and then complemented with custom millwork, curated artwork, and decorative elements.

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By ML Staff. Images Courtesy Of Hino Studio


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