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Global 8000: The Flagship for a New Era of Luxury Business Aviation

The Global 8000 is the fastest business jet ever developed. With a top speed of Mach 0.94 - and the first ever transcontinental ultra-high speed cruise of Mach 0.92 - you can now fly faster providing you with more of the one thing that is always in short supply: time.

The Global 8000 aircraft is the largest purpose-built business jet capable of flying 8,000 nautical miles. Its advanced and aerodynamically efficient design allows it to achieve the longest range and shortest flight distance while providing the comforts of a business jet with four true living spaces, a full kitchen and a separate crew rest area.

Longest Range from Even the Shortest Runways

Thanks to its revolutionary Smooth Flĕx Wing and innovative GE Passport engines, the Global 8000 offers the longest range from even the shortest runways - in any weather.

In addition, the Global 8000 is designed to offer the field performance of a light jet and provide safe access to many difficult airfields that its nearest competitor cannot reach.

Luxury High Above

The Global 8000 business jet’s cabin is unlike anything else in the industry. It’s designed to maximize passenger comfort, health and productivity, because in the Global 8000, your well-being comes first.

Take a moment to rest and relax in the bright, inviting cabin of the Global 8000 private jet, as the four personalized suites are ergonomically designed to maximize space and freedom of movement. Then grab a smoothie or healthy meal in the fully equipped kitchen to fuel you for the day ahead.

From the industry’s lowest cabin altitude to the cleanest air to the first true circadian lighting, the Global 8000 Business Jet features revolutionary cabin technologies that improve your health and comfort while in flight.

Customer Experience

World-class aircraft deserve world-class support. Fly confidently knowing that Bombardier’s service and support network is there for you, no matter where your journey takes you.

Mobile Response

With access to a network of aircraft, Bombardier’s mobile response team can reach its installed base anywhere in the world, day or night. With more than twice the number of mobile response vehicles than our leading competitor, customers can be assured that support is always within reach.

Service Facilities

Bombardier has 33% more service facilities worldwide than the leading competitor. Bombardier’s service centers, network of authorized service facilities and maintenance stations are located in strategic locations around the world to better meet customer needs.

Customers can also be assured that they will receive the support they need for operational readiness and efficiency, as well as aircraft technical support when needed.

Global Spare Parts Distribution

With more than $1 billion in spare parts inventory and a global network of 16 distribution locations moving nearly 70,000 aircraft parts a month, Bombardier ensures you have nothing to worry about.

Leading Maintenance Intervals

Bombardier’s maintenance cycle features longer intervals between inspections. Longer intervals reduce the number of maintenance inspections required and can ultimately result in lower operating costs and reduced aircraft downtime.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Bombardier


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