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The Art of Design: Fie Isolde Debuts New LA Boutique Designed by Extra Ordinary Studio

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

As Art Basel fast approaches, we are highlighting design driven brands including Danish Fine Jewelry Designer Fie Isolde.

Fie Isolde tapped Mark Kremer of Extra Ordinary Studio to bring the new flagship LA boutique to life.

“The concept for the store includes contemporary architectural interventions in a historic, worn space. It's about highlighting, reflecting, and celebrating the beauty in a space that has tons of history and patina. This resonated with Fie as it reminded her of the architecture of her hometown in Copenhagen where decades, if not centuries of people, have been adding and subtracting to its built environment -- creating spaces that speak to their past identities. The challenge with pulling off this concept was that the initial space was a completely bland white box that was built in 2018. We pulled it off in a few ways, but the biggest move was to incorporate monolithic columns that are mis-aligned, buried in walls, and intersecting with display cases in intentionally odd and unique ways. We wanted these columns to feel like they'd been around for a century -- beat up, stained, chipped away, with residues and paint stains left behind. We're so lucky to be in Hollywood where there's so many talented people who create imaginary sets that helped us bring this concept to life. I think part of what drew Fie to working with me is that I have a background in experiential design in addition to interiors. Because of that, the way I approach a project is about distilling down a brand's identity and communicating that in a space. It's not just about chasing down the next viral couch, trendy tile, or paint finish, but really about telling a story through materials and space. Fie's jewelry is so much about this heirloom quality and it's so organic and wearable. For me, this concept of an architectural palimpsest felt perfect. Additionally, we decided to use hints of green in the space to really make the gold jewelry pop -- a little visual trick to highlight the color of the metal and the gems. We also designed custom merchandising units that are 3D-printed rocks, reminiscent of the forms of Fie's jewelry. It's amazing to see the jewelry on them because you're able to paint a clearer image of Fie's process in creating these gorgeous pieces.” - Mark Kremer, Extra Ordinary Studio

Fie Isolde eternalizes one's life memories, creating captivating fine jewelry designed to become an irresistible part of life, made with exceptional materials, and exquisitely designed for generations to come. Fie Isolde pieces are meant to be collected and worn to cherish, make memories, and celebrate milestones. All Fie Isolde jewelry is designed to meld, layer, or stack with other Fie Isolde items in order to build a personalized and stunning collection over time.

Founded by LA-based, Danish-born designer Fie Isolde in 2018, the eponymous, unisex collectible fine jewelry brand offers custom, unique, and handmade pieces crafted with precious metals like 14k and 18k gold, and gemstones including diamonds, amethysts, sapphires, tourmalines, emeralds, tsavorite, and more. Every piece of jewelry is created and inspected by 3-4 experienced jewelers before leaving the workshop. Every piece is designed and sculpted in hot wax by Fie Isolde herself. Once the wax models are done, they get carefully cast in precious materials, finished, and set with diamonds or precious stones by experienced jewelers located in downtown LA. Fie Isolde’s production is equipped to manufacture both one-of-a-kind pieces and larger in-stock orders, using recycled gold and sustainable materials. Turning her passion for gold, diamonds, and precious stones into her own line of fine jewelry handcrafted pieces, Fie Isolde is fine jewelry with Scandinavian grace and Los Angeles sophistication, honoring the refined.

The Danish-born jewelry designer was inspired to begin her eponymous brand after losing her mother at age 25.

To me, jewelry embodies much more than mere material possessions; it encapsulates genuine emotions and irreplaceable memories. At 25, I experienced the profound loss of my beloved mother, a loss that deeply impacted me. Her precious jewelry became the most valuable and meaningful physical reminder of her presence in my family's life. Every time I touch her jewelry, I feel an intimate connection to her soul and the love she had for our family. This emotional bond became the driving force behind my venture, Fie Isolde, where I design unique and cherished jewelry meant to become cherished heirlooms. These collectible pieces are intended to be treasured and passed down, allowing you to build your own meaningful collection throughout your life. Designing unique fine jewelry pieces for any person to wear holds an indescribable significance for me. “ – Fie Isolde


Address: 953 N Sycamore Ave, Suite 100 Los Angeles

Store Hours: Monday through Saturday, 11am - 5pm

Phone #: 323-366-2980


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