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Fernanda Ramirez: A Conversation With The "It Girl Of YouTube"

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital content creation, Fernanda Ramirez shines as an inspiration for Gen Z and beyond. A popular content creator and the ultimate YouTube star, her journey exemplifies the power of pursuing dreams and self-discovery. Renowned for her authentic and captivating fashion, lifestyle, and self-care vlogs, Fernanda's charismatic presence has won her a massive following on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Furthermore, she recently entered the podcasting realm with "A Better You," sharing wisdom on self-improvement, wellness, and life's twists and turns. In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, we explore Fernanda's remarkable rise, her insights on self-improvement, and her affinity for travel. Get ready to be inspired by the "It Girl of YouTube" as we delve into her experiences, aspirations, and impassioned advice for those ready to chase their dreams and embrace a life full of possibilities.

Miami Living: Your journey as a content creator has been truly inspiring. Could you share the story of how you got started and what motivated you to pursue a career in style-related content and travel vlogs?

Fernanda Ramirez: It was always a dream of mine to share my life and post YouTube videos. There were so many instances in my youth where I would pretend to be filming videos with no camera, explaining my makeup routine out loud to myself, playing around with cameras, and making up a fake intro as if I was a youtuber, etc. I grew up on the platform and finally when I was 17, I got the courage to post my first video. I remember after I posted it, I immediately felt so proud and happy! I wrote a journal entry that day saying I was over the moon with the editing process and that I hoped this was something I would stick with. Three and a half years later and it feels like I just started yesterday! I enjoy lifestyle-related content as it shows my everyday life and whatever I'm most inspired to talk about in that moment.

ML: You often emphasize the importance of becoming the best version of yourself. What are some practical tips or advice you would offer to our readers for self-improvement and personal growth?

FR: I would highly recommend being mindful about the people you surround yourself with and the content you consume. To be the best version of yourself, you must surround yourself with positive, supportive, uplifting people so you can inspire each other to be better than you were the day before. I encourage my viewers to listen to music that makes them feel good and to even listen to podcasts or YouTube videos that help them stay motivated and on track. I also suggest setting goals every month to track your growth and to stay excited and disciplined for the future!

ML: You recently launched your podcast, "A Better You," where you are vibrantly covering lifestyle, wellness, and self-help topics. Can you tell us more about your vision for the podcast and share any specific shows you have been most excited to present to your listeners?

FR: My goal for my podcast is to help others with actionable steps to improve their lives! This could be through how to guide holistic approaches to their lifestyle, or simply by providing inspiration. I’ve seen the responses I get from the podcast over social media and in person and it means so much to me, so I continue to post this kind of content! My vision is to expand "A Better You" to being everyone's one-stop podcast and platform for all things aesthetics, self-improvement, and build that sense of community we all crave!

ML: Travel is a significant aspect of your content. What are some of the most memorable experiences or destinations you've encountered during your travels, and how have they shaped your perspective on life and self-discovery?

FR: This year I was able to travel to Costa Rica and it really made an impact on my perspective for how life can be lived. I saw how others spend their time day to day and it really made me think about my priorities in life. I admire how the people there are so kindhearted and always make time for their friends and family. I also appreciated the amount of love they had for their own country and how much they cherished the nature and wildlife that pertains to the area.

ML: Self-care is a favorite theme in your platforms. Could you share some of your favorite self-care routines and practices that have been particularly beneficial for you?

FR: One of my favorite self-care rituals is taking “me” time in the mornings to slow down and feel my best. I try to wake up early, do my skincare, drink water, take my vitamins, ice roll my face, and then get ready for the gym. I love going to work out classes with friends, visiting different gyms, or even going on walks! Anything that gets my heart rate up and releases serotonin. I feel so light, happy, and excited after taking some time to focus on my wellbeing that I think I become more productive during the day.

ML: Your video "Trying the Victoria Secret Model Diet and Workouts for a Week (Hard)" has garnered over 4 million views, making it a standout favorite among your audience. How "hard" was it really and can you share any unexpected challenges or memorable moments from the experience that your fans might not know about?

FR: At the time I posted this video I didn’t work out that much on my own, so the challenge was quite hard for me. I tried running outdoors and boxing, which are both a type of workout that I wasn't used to at the time, so it definitely gave me an idea of how hard these girls work for their lifestyle. I also was learning how to cook more meals and fun recipes so that was a great learning time for me!

ML: Miami is known for its vibrant fashion and lifestyle scene. Have you had any memorable experiences in Miami that left a lasting impression on you, and has the city influenced yourcontent and style at all?

FR: I have not yet been to Miami, but I am planning my first trip! I’ve heard so many stories about the lifestyle there and every time I hear stories from there, I feel as though I would really thrive in that environment! I love how vibrant the style is and how freely others express themselves. It just feels like everyone is happy to be there and is enjoying themselves. The style influences me to incorporate colors into my outfits and it also inspires me in the sense that they have such a rich heritage and many cultural influences. They have a high population of Spanish-speakers and as a Latina, this makes me want to show off my heritage more and learn more about different Latin countries!

Instagram: @fernandaramirez

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Georgia Love


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