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Exploring Luxury: Trends in Superyacht Interiors by Heesen Yachts

We bring you Heesen Yachts' insights into the latest trends shaping superyacht interiors through their newest creations: 67m Project Sparta, 60m Ultra G, 50m Project Orion, and 50m Project Jade. From sustainable luxury to onboard wellness sanctuaries and personalized living, these trends reflect the evolving landscape of luxury living at sea.

Sustainable Luxury

With a growing emphasis on environmental consciousness, superyacht interiors are embracing sustainable materials and eco-friendly design solutions without compromising on opulence. Heesen is one of the few shipyards with an in-house interior manufacturing department, including interior engineers and fine cabinet makers. Heesen’s focus is on utilizing alternative materials, such as sustainable woods and materials that can be recycled. A prime example of this is Project Orion, which features an interior by Italian designer Cristiano Gatto, who has utilized farmed teak, high-gloss, and matte ebony sourced from sustainably certified forestry.

Wellness Retreats at Sea

Wellness has become a focal point, with yacht owners seeking to create onboard sanctuaries that promote health and relaxation. Project Sparta is equipped with a 65-square-metre spa, featuring an elliptical whirlpool, steam room, sauna, gym and beauty area. Her key themes when building was ‘togetherness’ and ‘wellness.’

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, modern superyacht interiors are incorporating expansive glass walls, retractable roofs, and versatile furnishings to maximize natural light and create fluid living environments that seamlessly connect with the surrounding seascape. Project Jade's interior, imagined by Cristiano Gatto, is cool and elegant in its choice of colors, it mixes materials and textured finishes to reflect natural light. Inviting and warm with chic undertones, the natural mirror onboard and tempered glass take inspiration from the seabed.

Personalized Expression

Customization is key in today's superyacht interior design landscape, with owners seeking to infuse their vessels with a distinct sense of personality, style and convenience. This level of customization can be seen in Heesen’s full custom Ultra G  which has been completely adapted to fit the owner’s dog. Among several features the most notable is the 'relief area', a self-flushing area of the side deck finished in synthetic grass, complete with sensors, cameras and sprinklers.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Heesen Yachts


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