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Experience the Magic of La Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico: A Beach Celebration Like No Other

Are you looking for a little good luck, or perhaps you just want to experience a local tradition? La Noche de San Juan, or Saint John’s Night, takes place every June 23d when Puerto Ricans celebrate la Noche de San Juan – an eve of a feast for Saint John, the Baptist's birth. 

Unlike other festivities around the world, in Puerto Rico, this celebration -which occurs two days before the summer solstice- marks a holiday spent at the beach. The tradition goes that at the stroke of midnight, people take at least three backward plunges – though some do seven or 12 dives, to rid life of all negativity. To celebrate like a local, head to your preferred beach early and ensure you get a great spot near the shore. To avoid the busy beaches and crowds, join the festivities at any of the hotels throughout the island that hold big parties to celebrate the occasion. 

Our choice is the Fairmont El San Juan for an iconic Noche De San Juan at the legendary El San Juan Beach Club. Celebrate this special night in style with luxurious cabanas, crafted cocktails, and vibrant live music from live bands, famous DJ’s and so much more. 

Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Coming from Miami? Puerto Rico is an easy place to visit and no passport is required! Travel in luxury with Fairmont El San Juans partnership with Tradewind private charters. Flights depart from private FBO terminals, providing a crowd-free experience and no TSA delays, ensuring that your trip is seamless and stress-free from start to finish. Once inflight, enjoy champagne as well as refreshments, wine, and beer, or custom catering that the Tradewind team can coordinate upon request.

Let the celebrations begin! 

To reserve your cabana please send us an email to

By ML staff. Image courtesy of Fairmont El San Juan


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