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Eclipse Collection by Matilde Jewellery: Radiant Sustainable Luxury

The Eclipse Collection

The Eclipse Collection is a radiant new experience. Seamlessly melding modernity with fine jewellery to create a new world of sustainable luxury, each piece is meticulously crafted from recycled 14k gold and adorned with lab-grown diamonds.

The inspiration behind the Eclipse Collection

The Eclipse Collection draws inspiration from the ever-changing cosmos, embracing the universe's captivating beauty and dynamic nature with its serene shapes and lab-grown diamonds. As wondrous as it is unique, the night sky’s timeless allure is now newly remade in our Eclipse Collection. The Eclipse Collection elevates the everyday with the eternal elegance of celestial shapes.

The Process

Inspired by the natural beauty of the sun and stars, each design touches on a unique aspect of the elements. Glowing stones clustered like the Milky Way, along bands of pure, smooth metal shaped like an arching comet, The Eclipse Collection is a constellation of sustainable jewellery. Crafted by our Matilde Jewellery artisans from recycled 14k gold and lab-grown diamonds, The Eclipse Collection embodies the power of celestial shapes with its dynamic designs.

Our Eclipse Collection is separated into three chapters (drops): Chain Reaction, Super Cluster, and Cosmic Rocks.

Introducing Chain Reaction

Delicate chains intertwine and diamonds radiate outwards, interlinked and interwoven like Jupiter’s rings. See the galaxy at play in our new Chain Reaction pieces.

Introducing Super Cluster

Clustered like constellations in the night sky, our lab-grown diamonds are carefully arranged to evoke the same sense of wonder, glowing otherworldly in our Super Cluster pieces.

Introducing Cosmic Rocks

The untamed beauty of strange places is manifested in our Cosmic Rocks pieces. Our designs are inspired by the beauty of molten metals, reshaped and remade to reflect the quiet strength of the cosmos.

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By ML staff. Images courtesy of Matilde Jewellery.


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