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How Cycle Seven is Transforming Miami Beach's Wellness Scene

Just a few words that come to mind when talking about South Beach’s newest boutique wellness studio: Cycle Seven.

Cycle Seven is reshaping the way Miami Beach does wellness. Co-founded by (creator, instructor, and Reiki Master) Frank Vomero and (business partner, rider, and success story) Susan Della Giustina, Cycle Seven is the fierce fusion of physical fitness and mental wellness. 

Frank is a Miami Beach native and resident. We know, a rare sighting! After jetting off to NYC where he continued his training and career in dance and theatre, Frank began his segue into the fitness industry in 2015. Upon working under and representing several major fitness brands, it became time to put all he had learned under one new roof. A dancer turned fitness professional turned Ironman triathlete, his passion for endurance is greatly complimented by his balanced and holistic lifestyle. “A balanced approach to life is essential when allowing oneself to master the scale of pleasure and discipline. Self-discovery is best tested through experiences”.

These experiences, in this case thousands of indoor cycling classes taught and taken separately between Frank and Susan, is what brought together this dynamic duo.

Susan, Suzy, Suze, (she goes by them all) reigns from Los Angeles, CA. A wonderful mother of three boys and the partner to her best friend and husband Mark, she is the captain who keeps the ship afloat. But there is more to it than smiles at the front door and a killer run out of the saddle. She will let it be known that this passion project, Cycle Seven, truly began three years ago when she took the leap of faith that carried her clear across the country and landed her right here in Miami. An avid (and I hear skilled) tennis player, she promotes and lends her daily practice to one that too compliments a balanced scale of enjoyment and discipline.

The belief that all he needed was six riders and himself to create an amazing, powerful, and authentic experience, mixed with the same belief from a rider who is the truest proof that mindful fitness and consistency work, is what lead Cycle Seven to become all that it is today. An idea. Six riders. One guide. Seven perspectives. Cycle Seven.

Within Cycle Seven lies a trinity to balance and clarity: Cycling. Reiki. Sound. (Friction. Light. Vibration.) 

Cycling-Friction. Welcome to The Journey. This 45-minute experience carries each rider through their own journey of high intensity intervals, choreography, and precision. Slide open the iconic barndoor and step into a 10-bike (the studio was blessed with more space than originally planned) studio that offers an intimate setting perfect for riders of all levels and body types. Be prepared to switch it up with the added upper body dumbbell weight section that is a part of every ride. It is advised to bring personal cycling shoes, or simply wear comfortable running shoes to class. Towels are provided to each rider, and water is available for sale.

Reiki-Light. Slip into a complete state of relaxation and clear mindedness with cycle seven’s one-on-one healing room. This personal 60-minute retreat is perfect for releasing daily stress or when seeking guidance for a deeper emotional healing. Reiki uses universal consciousness in the way of guided light energy to help clear and release blockages throughout the chakra system. Combine chakra alignment with the individualized sound therapy offered in each private appointment, and anyone is bound to walk out feeling relaxed and more empowered. 

Sound-Vibration. Step into the Sound Sanctuary and allow your worries to be washed away in cycle seven’s group setting sound bath retreat. Each sound retreat encompasses the use of crystal singing bowls, chimes and other grounding instruments that cascade the listeners in a bath of sound, cleansing the body on an energetic and cellular level. Yoga mats and eye masks are provided. All that is needed is an open heart and the willingness to let go. 

Located on the iconic Lincoln Road, Cycle Seven is on the third floor of the historic 420 building, giving this boutique gem even more personality!  Occupying two adjacent suites, all check-ins are met in suite 349 which is where the healing room and cycling room are also located. The Sound Sanctuary is steps down the hall in suite 348.

All bookings are easily made via the cycle seven app downloadable for both iOS and Android. Schedules, FAQs and bookings can also be found at Be sure to follow along #thejourney on Instagram @thejourneybyseven.

Grand Opening prices are here for a limited time!

Group Classes – 45min (Cycling or Sound Retreat): $25 drop-in |$99 5-pack

Appointments – 60min (Reiki + Sound Therapy): $85 single session | $225 3-pack

(All purchases are final and expire 1 year from purchase date. Unlimited purchases available while promotion is being offered.). By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Cycle Seven


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