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Bea Pernia: Creating Innovative Interior Designs

Bea Pernia founded BEA Interiors Design in 2000. The internationally recognized Miami Design District based firm has since grown into a family of creative and innovative interior designers who are committed to excellence and unparalleled design. Blurring the boundaries between sculpture and functional design, Bea Pernia is known for her ability to push the limits of materials in unique and thought-provoking ways while developing organic forms. Recent projects include residential, commercial, and product design, including hospitality concepts such as hotels and restaurants in Miami, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Drawing upon her multidisciplinary background and global experiences, Bea is known for creating spaces that stimulate the eye, stir the soul, and meet client needs well into the future. Bea expertly applies her artistic sensibility to craft novel, harmonious esthetics that follow her passion for interior and product design. Viewing each project as a unique opportunity to explore fabrics, leather textures, contrasts, shapes, and materials in order to realize the vision of her client, she often experiments with natural woods, lush textiles, leather, metal and reflective surfaces. The outcome fuses natural elements with timeless elegance for a look that is at once clean and modern.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Venezuela, Bea says her exposure to the diverse natural landscape and timeless architecture of Caracas inspired her approach as a designer. “Growing up in Venezuela gives you the feeling of getting to know the whole country, from the beach to the country to the city,” Bea says. “I’m very inspired by natural materials, especially when you start combining them. I like to play with a fine line of juxtaposition that makes things work. All types of stone, porcelain, marble, fabrics, metal, a lot of different types of woods. Then, you begin to incorporate color. It’s the combination that completes the creation.”

Her experiences in South America also honed her appreciation for a spectacular view, a trademark of many of her projects. “In Venezuela, whether you’re on the beach or in the mountains or in the city, you’re always surrounded by great views. That became very important to me. Now, through my designs if you don’t have a great view, I will create one.” Such was the case with a multimillion-dollar luxury residence on Miami Beach’s Venetian Island. “It was a gorgeous house with a basic street view,” Bea says. “When my clients expressed that natural element were important to them, I created a vertical garden encased in glass that rose up two stories, so that, throughout the home, they would see a lush garden rather than the street.”

Since 2012, Bea has conceptualized and furnished multimillion-dollar private homes and condominiums, boutique hotels, commercial spaces and hospitality concepts, and has additionally executed select high-profile design collaborations with renowned artists including Federico Uribe and graffiti artist Kobra.

As a designer whose work can be described as classic yet modern, Pernia is firmly committed to using the latest technology to create her pieces and believes these new methodologies are the future of design. The slats of wood used to create the wave-like ceiling of Miami’s Hiyakawa restaurant were made with precision cut using laser technology, which allowed her to achieve a look of perfection. Her debut collection “Circle of Trust” was also created using 3D technology.

“Circle of Trust” was selected to be featured at Art Basel 2017 as well as at the contemporary art auction, Anónimo, hosted at the Bass Museum of Art as part of Art Miami. For the nonprofit event, Bea additionally designed a backdrop that offered an inventive twist on the traditional format, complete with a statement chandelier composed of latex, water-filled globes.

At the 2018 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, Bea once again provided the concept design for Anónimo Vol. 5, this time in the newly completed, 43,000-square-foot Faena Forum for 2018’s “Aesthetic Dimension Design,” which celebrates and promotes Mexican and Latin American designers through contemporary art. This year, she will be participating in Design Miami 2021 where she will debut a collection of marble furniture, titled Atus, in collaboration with Arca. Bea has applied her artistic sensibility to conceptualize a collection that merges materials, such as stone and wood, into stunning structured assemblages through which healing energy is transmitted, thus creating a harmonious and positive environment. The collection includes multifunctional desks or dining tables as well as chairs made of contrasting turquoise mineral stone and natural oak wood.

Bea Interiors Design commercial, residential, and hospitality projects have been the recipient of awards including Muse Design Awards, Loop Design Awards, Build Architecture Awards. She has been featured in Forbes, Haute Living, Haute Residence, and more.

Address: 6301 Biscayne Blvd suite 103

Miami, FL 33138

Phone: +1 305-640-5679

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Bea Interior Design


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