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Ashlee Keating on Music, Creativity, and Breaking Boundaries

Updated: Jul 9

Ashlee Keating is a dynamic force in the pop music scene, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and empowering anthems. With her newest single "Thirsty" set to premiere this summer alongside a steamy music video, Ashlee continues to push creative boundaries. Known for her unique twists on holiday classics and her chart-topping hits like "SAUCY" and "YASSS," Ashlee has established herself as a multifaceted talent. Her singles "Hurt Me So Good" and "Bad Mistake" made major strides in the music industry, spending weeks on the Top 20 Billboard Dance/Club Chart. Beyond her musical achievements, she is a passionate advocate for women empowerment and the LGBTQ+ community, using her platform to spread messages of love, positivity, and confidence. From her early days in Broadway to her current status as a Billboard-charting sensation, Ashlee’s journey is a testament to her talent, resilience, and dedication to living your passions and making a positive impact.

Miami Living (ML): Hey Ashlee!  It's such a pleasure to have you here with us. Your journey in the music industry has been incredible, and we're thrilled to dive into your latest projects and inspirations. Let's start by talking about your upcoming single "Thirsty." Can you give us a glimpse into what's in store for your fans with this new release?

Ashlee: Thank you so much!! That means a lot! I’m super excited about this release! There will be a lot of fun content. I just dropped my official “Thirsty” merch line to pre-order on my website I was shocked I sold out in my medium and large tanks in a day! There’s more in stock now. I have baby tee tanks and a fun Thirsty water bottle. There’s another BIG surprise coming as well for Thirsty that I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned ;)

ML: Your journey includes being a contestant on "Star Search" and a member of Radio Disney’s “Up and Coming Artist” Incubator Program. What was that like for you at the time, and what advice would you give to young aspiring artists?

Ashlee: It was an incredible experience I’ll never forget with such incredible platforms for people to hear and see my talent. Forever grateful for Disney giving me the opportunity to hear my music on the radio for the first time and go to live shows, opening up for some big artists like Demi Lovato and more. What I'd say to young aspiring artists is continue to work super hard on your craft as much as possible! If you work hard enough your dreams can come true!  

ML: "SAUCY" became an anthem for both female empowerment and the LGBTQ+ community. What message do you hope to convey through your music, and how important is it for you to connect with these communities?

Ashlee: Awe thank you. I always hope to convey inspiration and empowerment as much as possible. Music speaks volumes and is therapeutic. It’s very important to me to leave a strong message about self-love through my music that lives on forever and that people can dance and feel something to.

ML: Your vibrant and colorful style has become iconic. Can you share how your fashion choices reflect your personality and music, and where you draw your style inspiration from?

Ashlee: Thank you!! I’ve always loved fashion and expressing myself through it! I have always loved the 2000’s era of music and fashion, so I love incorporating that into everything I do and “ashleefying” it! 

ML: With your strong involvement in philanthropy, particularly supporting women empowerment and the LGBTQ+ community, what are some of the most impactful moments you've experienced through your charitable work?

Ashlee: Being able to give back using my platform and recognition is such an honor and blessing no matter what organization I am working with. The feeling of giving back is amazing. 

ML: You've been involved in the entertainment industry since a young age, from Broadway to movies and now pop music. What has been the most challenging aspect of transitioning between these different mediums, and what has been the most rewarding?

Ashlee: They are two totally different worlds, but I would say the most challenging is balancing my time between the two. The most rewarding I’d have to say is seeing reactions from both my music and any acting roles when viewed or listened to. It’s the best feeling when you put in the work. 

ML: Fitness and dance play a big role in your life.  How do you incorporate these elements into your daily routine and performances, and what advice would you give to fans looking to stay active and healthy?

Ashlee: Yes, they definitely do! I’m a workout-aholic LOL! It’s part of my daily routine but I take rest days as well. I love getting my endorphins going as well as doing it for my mental clarity and health. Feeling healthy in my mind, body, and soul is crucial. Dancing is just something I love! It’s self-expression, whether I’m out with friends, in the club, at a party or performing, you’ll see me dancing for sure! Haha. My advice would be to make it part of your daily routine to drink plenty of water (no pun intended - stay “thirsty”) and keep your body moving whether that’s taking walks or working out, just move your body and stay as active as possible. 

ML: As we near the end of our interview, reflecting on your journey so far, what is the most valuable lesson you've learned in your career, and how do you envision your future in the music industry evolving from here?

Ashlee: Man, I’ve learned a lot and will always continue to grow and learn! I’d have to say learning how to work with people and different personalities as well as learning how to manage my time effectively. Balance is important. I envision my future SO BRIGHT!! I have big goals and plans! I want to be a top 40 artist and become a household and legendary name that makes a huge impact on the world! 

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Combina Kay & Jason Kent


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