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America’s First Fully Electric Hydrofoil Boat, Navier 30, Takes Flight in Miami

Navier, a company that is fundamentally rethinking boats as we know them, has officially taken flight as seen in newly released images and videos. The company is set to reveal the N30- a bigger variant (30ft) instead of the previously announced N27 (27 ft) concept on December 2nd during Art Basel in Miami, making it the first commercially available electric hydrofoiling boat in America. From sketch to full scale in less than a year, Navier 30 is the world’s longest range 100% electric boat that is 10X more efficient than traditional gas boats, using electric hydrofoiling technology- the first electric boat with compelling range, utility, and luxury combined.

Operating under the radar for most of the development phase, the reveal event will be the first time the public will see the boat in person. Navier will share the full features and pricing of the N30 and allow visitors to sign up for test rides and reserve on site.

The cost of owning a boat is expensive. Navier has developed a platform that will alter the unit economics, convenience and comfort of small marine vessels, unlocking a new form of scalable, effective waterborne transportation for congested coastal cities where 46% of our population resides.

“We’re rethinking the boat from the ground up - with software at the core - enabling us to deliver a vessel that is highly differentiated on customer experience and performance (efficiency). With Navier, the goal is to free our oceans and lakes from fossil fuel pollutants while delivering a luxury and performance based boating experience,” says Founder Sampriti Bhattacharyya, a PhD from MIT in robotics and formerly an aerospace engineer. “I always thought I would build for the sky but the world’s waterways represent the largest opportunity to innovate and create long term impact.”

Traditionally, pleasure boats emit ~ 28 billion lbs of CO2 emissions, consuming 1.2B gallons of gasoline and are 15x more expensive to run than a car. Hydrofoils allows the N30 to fly over the water- thereby eliminating the high hydrodynamic drag, increasing range and efficiency.

Navier 30’s differentiation is in its software driven approach which culminates in full autonomous navigation that will eventually remove labor costs that account for 50% of total cost base for commercial operations. The craft produces zero tailpipe emissions and has a minimal impact on the sensitive marine environment.

Navier has raised over 10M in seed funding from Next View Ventures, Liquid 2, GFC, Sergey Brin, a Co-Founder of Google, and Primavera Capital (one of the largest funds of China, focussed on climate, investors in Tiktok/bytedance, Alibaba etc). Navier is building for the future. Initially launching in the recreational vessel market, the bigger mission of the company is to unlock waterways, moving into water taxis and beyond, aiming to decrease emissions and optimize our world’s waterways.

Navier 30 boasts top speeds of 35 knots and a max range of 75 miles. Additional features include Active Foil Control: enabled by aerospace stabilization technology, Advanced Autopilot , Variable Draft: allowing you to float over 3-4ft seas or retract the foils for beaching , Assisted Docking, Hazard Alert, and the ability to check in on your boat anywhere in the world via smartphone

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By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Navier


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