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Celebrating the Legacy of Ennio Fazioli: A Pioneer of Italian Design

Ennio Fazioli, a 94-year-old entrepreneur, continues to exude the charisma and enthusiasm that made him a respected figure in the world of design. Interestingly, Fazioli's influence has even reached Miami, where his iconic pieces are highly sought after by local collectors and design enthusiasts. Recognizing the value of his contributions to international design, Mr. Fazioli aims to celebrate the essence of "Made in Italy" through the release of exclusive patents signed by renowned Italian designers. These patents include original drawings and are intended for exhibitions, events, or potential sale, all in the interest of preserving Italian design's global presence.

Celebrating over 70 years of creativity and innovation, Fazioli is set to release a historical archive of black-and-white images showcasing the events, products, and showrooms of MIM (Mobili Italiani Moderni). Founded by Fazioli in 1958 and closed in 2000, MIM has become a symbol of Italy's flourishing interior furniture industry.

Since the 1960s, Fazioli has collaborated with illustrious designers such as Gio Ponti, Luigi Pellegrin, Vittorio Gregotti, Carlo Scarpa, Renato Venturi, Giuseppe Zammerini, Ico Parisi, Bruno Munari, and Ettore Sottsass, contributing to the creation of iconic design pieces.

An ambassador of 100% Italian production, Ennio Fazioli represents the DNA of his brand in a global context where Italian quality holds strong appeal. He offers his extensive experience as a witness and leading protagonist of design, available for interviews, panels, conferences, and workshops that celebrate the history of Italian design. Fazioli is one of the few remaining figures able to narrate the birth of "Made in Italy" design through personal anecdotes and real-life stories.

Fazioli's contributions are significant in promoting and protecting the "Made in Italy" brand, a source of global pride. The history of MIM has been characterized by its commitment to the entire furniture production cycle—from conception to distribution—thanks to Fazioli's foresight and creative flair.

The historic shop in Piazza Augusto Imperatore in Rome, opened in 1964 with a project by Luigi Pellegrin, still bears the original sign designed by Bruno Munari in 1960. This shop has interpreted the trends, tastes, and lifestyle of an Italy that, during its economic boom, aspired to modernity, elegance, and international recognition.

With the opening of showrooms in Paris, Brussels, and Antwerp, and hopefully one eventually in Miami, Fazioli gave a global dimension to his products by exporting them to England and the United States in the early 1980s. Since then, MIM furniture has become a timeless 'must-have,' maintaining vibrant interest among international collectors.

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Interested parties seeking more information regarding the opportunity to purchase MIM's products, patents, and all historical documentation of the brand, including original drawings and an extensive photographic archive, are invited to request further details by sending an email to

For more information, please visit (content available in Italian only) or (English only).

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Fazioli


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