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5 Ways Your Style Might Be Wrecking Your Back

Updated: Apr 4

Back pain is discomfort or pain felt anywhere along the spine or surrounding muscles. It can feel like a dull, ongoing ache or a sudden, sharp pain. It can happen for different reasons, like strained muscles, stretched ligaments, or issues with your spine, like a slipped disc or arthritis.


Have you ever winched from back pain, even though you haven't done anything stressful?  Back pain can sneak up on you, and sometimes, the culprit might be hiding in your closet. It's important to figure out what's causing your back pain so you can treat it correctly. In this article, we'll examine how innocent clothing choices could wreak havoc on your back.

Skinny Jeans

The fashion trend of tight-fitting jeans has drawbacks. Not all tight jeans are bad, but ones that are too tight in the thighs, hips, and knees might make it difficult to move freely. This can change the way you walk and put more strain on your joints because they absorb less shock. Simply put, you shouldn't wear jeans that feel like a second skin.

High Heels

  • Altered spine alignment: Wearing high heels makes your body adjust to stay balanced, but it can throw off your spine's natural alignment, leading to back discomfort over time.

  • Increased Pressure On Lower Back And Hips:  Despite feeling light on your feet, high heels put more pressure on your lower back and hips, causing muscle and joint strain, and making you feel sore and stiff.

  • Risk Of Sciatica: Wearing high heels regularly increases the risk of chronic issues like sciatica. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down the legs, gets overworked.

Heavy Bags


Carrying heavy bags or purses may seem stylish, but it can cause significant problems for your body, such as:

  • Uneven Distribution: If the weight in your backpack isn't evenly split, it can cause physical problems. For example, carrying a bag on one shoulder may make one side of your body bear greater weight. The unequal distribution might cause muscle strain and discomfort over time.

  • Strain On Shoulder And Back Muscles: That heavy bag weighing down on your shoulder isn't just a fashion statement; it stresses your shoulder and back muscles. Carrying heavy load for long periods can cause soreness, stiffness, and muscle imbalances over time.

Belts And Waistbands

  • Problems Moving And Breathing: When your belt or waistband is too tight, it can limit how easily you can move, bend, or even breathe deeply. This restriction can make you feel uncomfortable and hinder your body's natural range of motion.

  • Presses On Organs: Tight belts squeeze your stomach and other organs, affecting how you stand and sit, possibly leading to bad posture.


Shapewear can be excellent for your back when the right size, Spanx and other shapewear are good because they engage your core and you start to use those muscles more and more. However, most ladies make the mistake of sizing down to appear even smaller. When shapewear is restrictive, you lose the range of motion of the various pelvic muscles, and then you start to put more stress on the lower back.


Other accessories that can affect your back include:

  • Tight Neckties

  • Heavy Jewelry                                                      

  • Unsupportive Bras during Exercise

  • Unbalanced Backpacks


The Bottom Line

Fortunately, it takes a long time to do permanent damage. Most forms of back pain can be helped. Wearing comfy and supportive clothes is good for your health and makes you feel better. It promotes physical comfort, maintains proper posture, prevents injuries, enhances performance and makes you feel more confident.

 By prioritizing clothing that makes movement easier, provides adequate support, and reduces discomfort, you can experience greater comfort, trust, and overall satisfaction in your daily lives. To prevent shoulder pain and improve flexibility, incorporating physical therapy shoulder stretches into your daily routine can go a very long way .

By ML staff. Images courtesy of nensuria on Freepik.


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