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Top 5 Key Features of Miami-Style Interior Design

When you think of Miami, the first thing that pops into your mind are the bustling cafes, glorious blue waves, lush beaches, and vibrant city life. The vast city of Miami Florida is so much more than the above-listed, and anyone across the globe can have the city's eclectic vibe copy-pasted into their homes. The city's genuine nature and aesthetic have been reflected numerous times throughout the world, and if you wish to incorporate the sleek Miami-style interior design, we have a few alluring ideas to help you out. Read on to discover some of the majestic Miami-inspired design styles and how you can implement them into your lovely home.

Image by GWG Outlet

The Sophisticated Elements

In a plethora of Miami houses, the very first thing you would spot is a mix of rustic and modern extravaganza. The design tends to perfectly blend the modern elements with a hint of organic and natural beauty elements. The reason behind this notion is the marvelous coastal climate and weather that draws residents to use white hues for the wall palette to open up the spice and let plenty of natural light in and then furnish the house with sophisticated furniture and high-end artwork. The focus is on luxe marble flooring and bright details around.

Image by Oak Motion

Bringing The Outside In

The climate in and around Miami is absolutely to die for, and it's no wonder that plenty of homeowners have included the outdoors as a part of their overall Miami interior design style. This includes having large top-to-bottom floors to let the sun in and to overlook the splashing waves (or their yachts). Also, luscious plants and planters dominate the living room, as well as having primarily off-beat white and beige wall hues with a pop of color in the decor. Anyone can easily mimic the dazzling white walls and furnishing inspired by the beaches, but pay attention to the windows. The weather in Miami is dreamy, however, you cannot expect to have such beautiful Miami weather all year long, and you had better find insulation for sale and secure your windows, walls, roof, and floors.

Opt For Sprucing Vibes

It's no secret that Miami has a unique history that is mainly inspired by Ernest Hemingway's journeys, ocean, sun, and sand. Add the infusion of Latino culture, and you will have a sprucing style like no other on the planet. For that matter, play with accents and incorporate fabulous prints that would give out eclectic vibes. The decor should deliver a feeling of being at sea at some neverending party. Place playful ornaments, colorful rugs, and brilliant jewel-toned patterns for cabinetry, sofas, and ottomans, and keep the upholstered pieces in metallic color but blend them with timidly plush fabrics for instance.

Image by archiVIZ

Enhance Wide Open Spaces

Miami is also about freedom and soaking up the sun, and what better way to incorporate such a vibe into your interior design than by opening up the space in your house? If necessary, knock down a wall separating the kitchen and the dining room to create a wider open space and make an amazing kitchen island with a white marble countertop and contemporary stainless steel utilities. If the place allows it, you can invite the Miami interior design style by opting for large glass doors to the patio or balcony. The key is to let lots of natural light and airflow in and enhance your inner space to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Image by Mirror Image Studio

Posh Up Accents

When it comes to furniture, the overall design exudes a minimalist approach: wide plain king-sized beds, low-profile, masterful sofas, and sleek sideboards. Given the fact that the walls are mainly painted in pure white or other plain hues, highlighting the accents and other elements ought to be the top priority if you want to evoke Miami style into your interior. Think 80' retro Miami vice era, place simple but striking accents such as a golden vase or a hand-crafted gold silhouette on the table. Refurbish the mantelpiece and hang a vintage gold mirror with immaculate details, and similar.

Follow these sensational key features, and you will undoubtedly evoke Miami's interior design style in your home.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Adobe Stock & Unsplash


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