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The Bolzano Kollektion: Rediscover Comfort

The Bolzano Kollektion, designed by Morten Georgsen, is a furniture collection that redefines comfort through its innovative curved design. This series boasts sculptural organic shapes and a unique curved front panel that wraps around the seat, providing a 360º embrace of comfort.

The Innovative Bolzano Kollektion Furniture Series

Crafted with the ideal foam-to-frame ratio, Bolzano ensures an unparalleled seating experience. Available in configurations including a 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, chaise longue, and armchair, it offers versatility to suit various spaces. Additionally, Bolzano can be personalized with a range of fabrics and materials, allowing you to tailor it to your unique taste and style preferences.

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By ML staff | Images courtesy of BoConcept


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