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The Amalfi Llama: Aventura's Newest Culinary Oasis

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In the heart of Aventura's vibrant culinary scene, an exciting new dining experience is about to make its grand entrance. This December, the Eureka! Restaurant Group and Grupo Carolo Hospitality are set to introduce The Amalfi Llama, an innovative restaurant concept that transcends borders and ignites all senses. Nestled within the Esplanade at Aventura, an exciting open-air retail, entertainment, and dining destination, The Amalfi Llama is poised to redefine the way South Florida experiences food, flavor, and fire.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of cultures spanning from the countryside of Patagonia to the shores of the Mediterranean's Italian coast, The Amalfi Llama leverages the art of live-fire cooking. This masterful technique, cherished by diverse cultures worldwide, relies on smoke, coals, and embers to conjure up smoky perfection in every dish.

"One of the earliest known innovations of humankind is harnessing the beauty of fire. It's a timeless art form that results in dishes that draw people in like smoke signals." Eduardo Gomez, CEO of Eureka! and Grupo Carolo, shares philosophy behind The Amalfi Llama's culinary approach, "The Amalfi Llama's spectacle of smoke in its live-fire cooking further flavors the food for an authentic farm-to-table approach unique to South Florida's culinary scene."


The menu at The Amalfi Llama is a delicious tribute to coastal Italian cuisine. From tantalizing starters like Beef Carpaccio, with prime beef, and Parmigiano Reggiano, topped with arugula to comforting pasta dishes like Spicy Lobster Spaghetti, with a pomodoro lobster sauce and Baked Taglioni, with prosciutto cotto, there's a dish to satisfy any palate. Signature wood-fired pizzas, such as Alla Positano, with salami and pepperoncini drizzled with spicy honey, are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Meanwhile, Latin-inspired live-fire parrilla-style dishes include Tomahawk steak, Wagyu options, Grilled Chicken, with roasted mushrooms, and Branzino, prepared fire-grilled or sea-salted with lemon, capers, and olive oil.

To complement the coastal menu, The Amalfi Llama's sommeliers have carefully curated an extensive selection of wines from Argentina, Italy, and the United States.

Their variety of handcrafted cocktails, curated by Tyler Trevor, Vice President of Beverage Operations, elevates the dining experience even more. From unique Negroni variations to innovative creations like the Sunkissed Martini, infused with sun-dried tomatoes and white peppercorn, there's something for every spirit enthusiast. You won't want to miss the Specialty Cocktails menu, boasting gems like the Ube Puff and Purple Orchid, featuring eccentric ingredients like ube syrup and butterfly pea tea-infused tequila. For those seeking non-alcoholic options, Zero-Proof Cocktails and Refreshers are available, ensuring that there's truly an option for anyone and everyone.


From the moment you step inside The Amalfi Llama, you're greeted by warm, modern farmhouse interiors. Pale woods, antique mirrors, and neutral finishes create an inviting ambiance, complemented by organic design elements and bursts of native greenery. The pièce de résistance is the art crafted from Peruvian llama tassels, lending a unique touch to the decor.

The heart of the restaurant is the expansive 9,595-square-foot space, featuring a 7,734-square-foot dining room adorned with 157 seats. The centerpiece of this space is a live-fire grill and wood-burning oven, inviting guests to savor the sights, sounds, and intoxicating aromas of wood-fired dishes crackling over hot embers. If you're looking for a more intimate area, two lively bars await. The front bar, with its snug and exclusive ambiance, boasts lounge seating for 11, while the central 30-seat bar offers panoramic views, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor areas.

Speaking of outdoor spaces, The Amalfi Llama doesn't disappoint. Two patios, totaling 1,861 square feet and 92 seats, allow guests to dine under the canopy of trees, their experience illuminated by the warm glow of fire pits and contemporary wood furniture. Complete with weatherized drop-down shades, these patios offer a cozy retreat for those who prefer the open air.


The Amalfi Llama reimagines the culinary landscape by seamlessly merging the allure of a rustic live-fire steakhouse with the flavors of Italian cuisine, affordably priced culinary haven where genuine cooking, down-to-earth cuisine and stylish flair intertwine. From the soothing cream decor to the intimate ambiance of crackling embers accompanied by the melodies of vintage Italian vinyls, guests at this spot embark on a journey from Southern Patagonia to the Mediterranean coast of Italy. Embracing the essence of a modern farmhouse, The Amalfi Llama revolves around an open parrilla grill and wood-burning oven, harnessing fire, smoke, coals and embers to craft dishes that pay homage to coastal cultures across Patagonia and Italy. The restaurant’s ethos also meets design with Latin American and Mediterranean influences, resulting in an inviting environment adorned with light woods, natural light and subtly elegant finishes, defying traditional steakhouse and Italian restaurant conventions. The Amalfi Llama will soon deliver its ethos to two of the U.S.’s most attractive markets: Miami (Aventura) and San Diego. For more information, visit and follow @TheAmalfiLlama on Instagram.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of The Amalfi Llama


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