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Daniil Medvedev: A Glimpse Inside the World of Tennis Stars at the Miami Open

Updated: Mar 18

Miami Living recently had a conversation with Daniil Medvedev to delve into his perspectives on Miami and beyond.

On Miami

“Oh, I love Miami. I absolutely love it as a city, and I’m so happy that last year I managed to get the title. I would call it a fun city with big energy. I really love coming there.

Almost the entire city of Miami is closely situated on water, and we don’t really see that often. As soon as you go five minutes away, there is an ocean around. This makes it very beautiful, especially the blue waters. I do really love it.

A memorable moment would be winning last year. As I said, I really love the city and was really, really happy to hold the title.”

Off the Court

“There are good restaurants there for sure. I have one of my best friends living in Miami, and we have a lot of fun before the tournament. We try to spend time together, and I ask him if he wants to do this or that, and he says, you have a tournament… stay in your hotel and don’t go anywhere. Now he has a restaurant so I’m going to spend all my time there.”

On Climate Change

“I think it’s good that tournaments, including myself, are trying to use less plastic as much as possible, especially with a lot of bottles that we use when drinking water. We are trying to make a change.”

MORE ON Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev, born February 11, 1996, stands at 6.49 feet tall (1.98 m) and is a formidable counter puncher in tennis, renowned for his powerful first serve, clocking at 148 mph. His flat groundstrokes and strong return of serve wear opponents down in lengthy baseline rallies. With an exceptional ability to play consistently, he excels on hardcourts.

Medvedev’s journey to success began with his ATP Tour debut in 2015 and saw significant breakthroughs, including his first ATP Tour singles titles in 2018. His rise continued with a top 10 debut in 2019, followed by a triumphant victory at the ATP Finals in 2020. With 20 ATP Tour singles titles to his name, including the prestigious 2021 US Open, 2020 ATP Finals, he has clinched six Masters titles at different venues, a feat accomplished by only six players.

Medvedev, currently holding the world No. 3 spot, reached the pinnacle of the sport as the world No. 1 in men’s singles. Off the court, he married Daria Chernyshkova in 2018, with whom he credits for his improved performance on the court. Fluent in multiple languages, including French and English, Medvedev’s international upbringing adds depth to his persona. He’s endorsed by Lacoste, Tecnifibre, Bovet, and others, cementing his stature beyond the court.

Daniil Medvedev Stats

Age: 28, Feb 11, 1996

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Career High: 1

Singles Titles: 20

Miami Open Best: Winner 2023

Prize Money: $39,301,567


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By Markin Abras. Image courtesy of Danill Medvedev via Instagram.


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