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Exclusive: Carlos Alcaraz Dives into Miami & Beyond

Contrary to popular belief, Carlos Alcaraz last name isn’t the illustrious Alcaraz. No, no, no! It’s actually Garfia. Surprise, surprise! Born on May 5, 2003, as Carlos Alcaraz Garfia. Now, with three brothers to juggle – Álvaro, Sergio, and Jaime – Carlos, or should I say Carlitos, has made his naming preferences loud and clear. “I don’t like being called Carlos. I like Carlitos or Charlie. Honestly, Carlos seems very serious to me and it seems that I have done something wrong,” said Alcaraz during a post-match interview. And lo and behold, his Instagram handle @carlitosalcarazz is a testament to his chosen nickname. As for his source of tennis inspiration? Look no further than his old man, Carlos Alcaraz González, a nationally ranked Spanish teen tennis sensation. Like father, like son – both smashing it on the court and in the name game!

A Fast Rise to The Top

In 2020, Alcaraz made his ATP major draw debut at the age of 16, marking him as one of the youngest players to enter the sport at such a level. He secured a victory against Albert Ramos Viñolas in his first-round match but was ultimately eliminated in the second round. However, within less than a year, Carlos achieved his first significant milestone by breaking into the top 100 rankings and winning his first ATP title. Notable victories in 2022 included matches against Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The pinnacle of his achievements in 2022 came with his first major title at the U.S. Open, making him the youngest player to reach the No. 1 spot in ATP ranking history. In 2023, Carlos’ remarkable performance continued as he clinched the Wimbledon title in an unforgettable five-set match marathon against Novak Djokovic.

Big Numbers in the Making

As Alcaraz elegantly ascended the ranks of the tennis world, so too did his collection of brand endorsements. From his humble beginnings sporting Lotto and Naffta attire as a junior, he swiftly upgraded to the upper echelons of sportswear with a coveted Nike contract in 2019. Since his grand entrance onto the ATP Tour stage in 2020, he’s been faithful to Nike, as well as to Babolat.

With recent victories at the US Open and Wimbledon enhancing his resume, it’s no wonder global brands are looking to associate with Alcaraz’s star power. His endorsement portfolio includes world’s most illustrious brands with global reach and notable brand values including: Nike ($30 billion), Louis Vuitton ($26.3 billion), Rolex ($10.7 billion), BMW ($20.94 billion), Calvin Klein ($1.5 billion), Babolat ($114 million), and even ElPozo, the Spanish food company specializing in meat products with sales exceeding 42.8 million last year.

Although the exact figures are undisclosed, rumors suggest that Alcaraz earns a substantial $8 million annually from his collaboration with Rolex alone. This sum evokes memories of Roger Federer’s success.

Miami-Centric Talk

Miami Living caught up with Carlos Alcaraz to discuss his experiences in the Magic City. Reflecting on his time in Miami, Alcaraz expressed, “Oh, Miami has been such a special place for me. I’ve had some incredible times here, especially in 2022 when I won the title.” He went on to describe the unique atmosphere and courts, stating, “The atmosphere, the courts – there’s just something special about them.”

When asked about what makes the Miami Open unique to him, Alcaraz replied, “Well, one word: the venue. Playing in an NFL stadium is a very unique tennis experience. Plus, the fans make it very special.” Recalling memorable moments in Miami, Alcaraz shared, “Winning my first 1000 Master series here in Miami is definitely something I won’t forget. It was a milestone moment in my career.”

Off the court, Alcaraz revealed his affinity for sports, saying, “Off the court, I’m a bit of a sports fan myself. I love catching a basketball game, especially an NBA match. Miami has a special vibe.”

Shifting the conversation to climate change, Alcaraz expressed his views, stating, “Ah, climate change is such an important issue, and I believe every little effort counts.” He advocated for reducing plastic usage, saying, “Personally, I think one impactful step we can take is to reduce our use of plastic. It’s something we can all contribute.”

Carlos Alcaraz Stats

Age: 20, May 5, 2003

Birthplace: El Palmar, Spain

Career High: 1

Singles Titles: 12

Miami Open Best: Winner 2022

Prize Money: $27,427,247


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By Markin Abras. Image courtesy of Carlos Alcaraz via Instagram.


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