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Sunga Life Brings Supermodels and Superheroes at Miami Swim Week

Updated: May 12, 2023

The theme of the Sunga Life show was bringing together supermodels and superheroes at Miami Swim Week. The founder, Jeff Gum, a ten year Navy SEAL veteran, walked the runway with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Clarissa Bowers with both wearing American Flag swimwear inspired by Jeff’s years in the service. Kaj Larsen, another SEAL veteran, walked in a Ukraine Sunga, honoring their resistance where he spent the last three months doing humanitarian work, evacuating families in the war zone, and rescuing wounded soldiers from the front lines.

The collection features Naked Warrior Camo which is camouflage designs with a subtle trident hidden in them that Jeff created to honor the original Frogmen of the Navy SEALs that cleared the beaches in Normandy and Iwo Jima. He also featured the Patriot Collection which is various patriotic prints honoring our great country. The final collection includes various fun prints like flamingos and peacocks, which goes with their saying “if you’re going to Peacock, do it like a Patriot”. These collections go with Thucydides ****quote “the secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage”. All these designs started with the men’s sunga collection, but are also available in silkies shorts,board shorts, and even bikinis for women.

The energy was high and the models all loved the meaning behind the swimwear brand ”There is nothing sexier than a man with a mission”. Even the host of the show put on board shorts and rocked the stage with another model in a matching jungle camo bikini. Everyone had fun and it was a great way to close out the night of “Frogman Friday”, the name SEALs use when they’re getting ready for the weekend and do something epic.

Sunga Life has always been more than just a brand of Swimsuits for Jeff. After his 10 years as a SEAL it was hard for him to move away from Service. Service to his friends, his community, the USA, and the Ocean. Sunga Life while being comfortable and sexy can be seen in the most extreme environments. Worn by Jeff, his Friends, a Team of Heroes raising money and saving sea life is all in a day's work.

“Sometimes it is easier for others to stand when they do not stand alone, I always wanted Sunga Life to stand out so that people could see positive images of good people doing extraordinary things.”

He was electric in the moment, elated from the energy of the MSW but you could see his mind was already working away, planning his next adventures and challenge - planting Coral Reef off the coast of Charleston, SC with the Force Blue Team and then the Hudson SEAL Swim that he is sponsoring and preparing for at the beginning of August. It is true that a hero's work is never done.

From teaching people with war torn bodies with adaptive therapy through The Adaptive Training Foundation to working for Force Blue an Ocean Conservation Charity that utilizes scientists, special operators, and professional athletes to fight for the ocean that cannot fight for itself with it’s founder, his Recon Marine friend Rudy Reyes.

He made a splash in more ways than one at MSW and we are excited to see how else sungas are going to highlight heroes that are not resting but raising, not only the bar but money for people that need. Sungas of service. It is always Summer when you shine a bright enough light.

By ML Staff Images Courtesy of Sunga Life


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