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Sun, Sand & Surf: Coastal Cuisine Ready to Share and Savor

Since 2013, S3 Sun, Surf & Sand, has been delighting locals and tourists with their unique menu and breathtaking views of the ocean. This upscale restaurant is both trendy and chic—the perfect setting for a romantic sunset dinner.

Located on the ground floor of the Hilton, right on the shores of Fort Lauderdale Beach, visitors can sit at the sushi bar, indoors at an intimate table, or sit at one of their custom outdoor lounges featuring a fire pit. Whichever location, S3 features wide windows, so even indoors, visitors will get a view of the ocean. Seaside dining indeed!

S3’s menu features a wide selection of flavors—from Korean to Japanese, to a little Peruvian flair—their coastal inspired cuisine takes the best of the best, and packs it in shareable sizes.

For starters, the Wok Charred Edamame is a must-try. Edamame is the perfect small plate to share on a first date. After the first one, you won’t be able to put them down. Served in their natural format, they are seasoned with a little soy, a touch of Togarashi seasoning, and drizzled with sesame. They are pleasantly charred and surprisingly addicting.

The Seafood Ceviche is another highlight from the list of small plates. While ceviche is traditionally found in Peruvian restaurants, many South Florida restaurants feature the popular dish and add their own twist. Served at S3 with yucca chips, it’s ready to scoop and enjoy.

Under the medium sized plates, the Local Burrata is larger than what you would expect and perfect to share. Served with grilled ciabatta slices, this dish features lucious heirloom tomatoes, finger-licking good prosciutto gastrique, and of course, a golf ball sized soft and creamy burrata. Also from their medium plates, the Grilled Octopus is another menu highlight large enough to be an entrée. Octopus has become incredibly popular and almost a delicacy, so to see it served in abundance is a pleasant surprise. At S3, the dish is inspired by Greek and Spanish cuisine. Served with traditional piquillo peppers and gigande beans, it’s tossed with a delicious salsa verde and garnished with cherry tomatoes.

At S3, visitors can indulge in shareables, but they can also choose from a selection of large plates. The Crispy Snapper is served in all its glory. A beautiful fish that has been carved and ready to eat. This dish is cleverly crafted with yellowtail snapper bites inside the fish, ready to be dipped in the peri-peri and garlic aioli dipping sauce. There are also a wide selection of sides, such as the Mac & Cheese with smoked gouda or the Roasted Carrots with chimichurri.

In addition, S3 has an extensive sushi bar. There is sushi and sashimi-–tuna, salmon and shrimp to name a few—as well as specialty rolls. The Volcano Roll features shrimp tempura, crab, and cream cheese. Delicious! The Salmon Kamikaze Roll is a spicy treat, crafted with jalapeños, spicy mayo, and wasabi. Finally, we cannot forget the Izakaya section. Think of these as Japanese tapas. The Tuna Tataki comes with a tropical spicy mango salsa, and the Crispy Rice Cakes—also with a hint of spice—served with spicy tuna and drizzled with spicy mayo.

To accompany any dish, S3 has created 12 speciality cocktails—all which are beautifully presented. Start with a Hibiscus Kiss, this refreshing cocktail features prosecco, vodka and pear. The Strawberry Mamasita and the Berry Mojito are both traditional cocktails with fun twists—if you love the citrusy berries, these are for you! Finally, Life’s a Beach is a tropical pineapple cocktail perfect to enjoy while admiring the scenery.

S3 is located at 505 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

For more information, visit:

By Claudia Paredes. Image courtesy of S3


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