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StretchLab: Elevating Wellness Through Assisted Stretching In Miami

StretchLab, a global leader in assisted stretching, debuted in Miami earlier this year. The Magic City’s first StretchLab studio is located in Midtown, one of Miami’s hippest neighborhoods, at 140 NE 32nd St. StretchLab introduces people of all ages and fitness levels to the various health and wellness benefits of working with highly trained Flexologists™ in an open, modern, fun, and approachable environment.

StretchLab Miami Midtown proudly belongs to the ownership and leadership of local resident Agnes Pierre-Louis, who brings over fifteen years of international experience in the tourism and leisure industries. While her background is impressive, the true essence of StretchLab lies in the numerous benefits it offers through assisted stretching, catering to everyone from professional athletes to individuals seeking general wellness.

“Assisted stretching was not only on-trend, but something that spoke to me personally,” says Agnes. “I practiced ballet while growing up in Haiti and learned that stretching helped me reduce stress and increase productivity. I gave up dance when I moved to Paris for further education. While I never

pursued dancing again, I have always missed it and only years later found yoga to require a similar discipline around balance. Most people recognize the importance of stretching, but not everyone feels comfortable in a dance or yoga studio. What won me over was the body-focused technology that StretchLab is applying to the practice for the first time. It's why I believe it will be a valuable specialized resource for the Midtown community, which has already developed as a boutique fitness hub.”

One of the key emerging trends in the wellness industry is resilience—the ability to optimally perform physically and mentally despite changes in aging and environment. Stretching is a fundamental component in building resilience, aiding both injury prevention and physical recovery. Trainers of professional athletes and therapists of professionals whose careers depend on their physical condition emphasize the importance of stretching, particularly assisted stretching, for its enhanced effectiveness.

StretchLab’s environment is designed to be inclusive and approachable, making stretching accessible to all. The brand’s Flexologists™ hold a nationally recognized certificate in assisted stretching, accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence—a unique credential that sets StretchLab apart from other brands.

Memberships at StretchLab include options for monthly visits, packages, and individual sessions, allowing flexibility in how clients choose to incorporate stretching into their wellness routines. The true magic of StretchLab, however, lies not only in the expertise of its certified Flexologists but also in its innovative use of technology.

One such technological advancement is the MAPS machine. Proprietary MAPS technology (Mobility, Activation, Posture, and Symmetry) identifies movement inefficiencies across these four critical categories as users perform three body-weight squats. A MAPS score is generated in less than 30 seconds using 3D technology, providing a total body movement assessment. Results are delivered on-screen and via email, creating a “roadmap” with which StretchLab Flexologists can guide their clients’ progress. This combination of personal touch and technology creates a customized, goal-driven movement plan, allowing clients to see measurable improvements in their flexibility.

Founded in 2015, StretchLab is the largest assisted stretching brand, created to help people through customized flexibility services. It offers one-on-one assisted stretching sessions to clients of all ages and fitness levels. StretchLab’s advanced Flexologists undergo extensive training both in the classroom and on the job, ensuring that clients receive top-tier care.

The benefits of stretching are numerous and well-documented. Regular stretching helps decrease pain, lowers the risk of injury, and enhances overall performance in daily activities. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or someone seeking relief from the aches and pains of everyday life, stretching can be transformative.

At StretchLab, clients experience a deeper stretch than they can achieve on their own, empowering them to move with more freedom and perform better throughout the day. The environment at StretchLab is vibrant and energetic, offering a unique experience unlike any other. It is not a spa or a quiet yoga studio, but a place where upbeat music plays, passionate Flexologists engage with clients, and people enjoy deep, advanced stretches in a communal space.

In conclusion, StretchLab's debut in Miami is poised to make a significant impact on the local wellness scene. By offering personalized, technology-enhanced stretching sessions in a fun and welcoming environment, StretchLab helps individuals achieve greater flexibility, reduce pain, and enhance overall well-being. Whether you are new to stretching or an experienced athlete, StretchLab provides the expertise and support needed to reach your wellness goals.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of StretchLab


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