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MILA Miami Launches New Golden Hour on Monday, May 6th

Step into a realm of unparalleled mixology and culinary artistry at MILA Miami with a newly launched ‘Golden Hour’, a seasonal celebration that captures the undeniable synergy between MILA’s creative flair on MediterrAsian cuisine and inventive cocktail menus, combining thoughtful flavor profiles and modern mixology techniques.  

An elevated take on a classic happy hour, the exquisite Golden Hour menu features the Army Navy (Sipsmith Gin, sherry blend, lemon, orgeat, dash of Angostura), Fernet Buck (Haku Vodka, Fernet, lime, ginger, soda, mint) and the Strawberry Left Hand (Redemption Bourbon, strawberry campari, sweet vermouth and chocolate mole bitters)  ($10) ; special wine offerings ($8) ; and decadent appetizers including Cavia Potato Millefeuile, Salmon Crispy Rice, Hamachi Crudo, Wagyu Gyoza, and Tomato Avocado Salad ($8). Exclusively for Golden Hour, guests can delight their senses in the Hōeski Tasting Experience ($20), meaning a box of jewels in Japanese ;  a curated selection of five bites including Hamachi Crudo, Tuna Nigiri, Wagyu Gyoza, Salmon Crispy Rice and Tomato Avocado Salad served in a specially crafted box, offering guests a taste of what is come as the dinner experience unfolds. Setting the stage for an unforgettable night, Golden Hour marries exquisite light bites, tantalizing mixology and MILA’s luxe atmosphere, inviting guests to slow down and embrace the moment during the most magical time of day. Golden Hour is offered every Sunday - Thursday 6PM - 7:30PM. 

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of MILA Miami.


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