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Let Them Eat Cake! The Lincoln Eatery Opens Cafe des Fleurs

Updated: May 13, 2021

The Lincoln Eatery, Miami Beach's first modern food hall, announces the grand opening of Café des Fleurs on Friday, May 14th. Drawing on inspiration from European cafes and flower shops, Café des Fleurs is a boutique bakery designed to bring the delectable taste, quality and luxury synonymous of French bakeries to sunny South Florida.

At Café des Fleurs, bakers start work before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch of warm, buttery and flaky croissants, hearty baguettes, macaroons and sweet miniature desserts is deliciously fresh. Owner Nahomie Jean Louis uses French suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients such as French olive oil, jams and Herbes de Provence, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality product.

“Ever since I was a child growing up in Haiti, I loved my parent’s parties and watching them entertain guests with a variety of spectacular amuse-bouche,” explains Jean Louis. “The baked goods and desserts that we make and sell are the same delicacies that I grew up on. It’s the quality of our pastries, in addition to the time we take to craft our spectacular packaging, that sets our brand apart.”

Café des Fleurs delicious pastry selection includes, Croissant ($3.99), Pain au Chocolat ($3.99), Almond Croissants ($3.99), Palm Ears ($2.99), and Parisian Pastries ($2.99) filled with either apple, blueberry or strawberry. On the savory side, customers can delight in Café des Fleurs signature Butter Spinach Feta Bistro ($5.99), alongside other classics such as Quiche a Lorraine ($4), Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($9.99), served on half of a fresh baguette, Brie Cheese Sandwich ($9.99), served on half of a fresh baguette, and Crepe ($9.99), with salmon, cream cheese, and capers.

Beautifully crafted desserts include, Mille Feuille ($5), Eclair ($5), Fruit Tart ($5), Creme Brulee ($5), Macaron ($2), and Crepe ($9.99), paired with nutella and fresh berries. In addition to the vast selection of pastries and desserts, patrons can enjoy Baguettes ($2.99) on the go, French Loaf ($6.99), gourmet French Vinaigrette, French Olive Oil, Bonne Maman Jam, and Herbes de Provence, all displayed on a flower adorned shelf.

Café des Fleur, Miami’s next Instagrammable Café, features delicate feminine touches in decor and design from a flower wall to pink touches all around the cafe.

Guests can enjoy a sweet treat any day of the week thanks to weekly specials including: a free macaroon with purchase of $10 or more every Monday; BOGO on French baguettes every Wednesday; two-for-one Challah every Thursday and Friday and brunch box specials on the weekend. In addition, Café des Fleurs offers a $14.99 lunch special Monday through Friday.

In addition to the sweet weekly specials, Café des Fleurs has a monthly membership which includes a complimentary breakfast or brunch box, choice between two baguettes or two pastries monthly, 15% all products, exclusive monthly food tasting events, and an annual birthday cake of one’s choice.

Café des Fluers will be open daily from 8 to 6pm, and located within the Lincoln Eatery Food Hall. Stay up to date on Café des Fleurs by following @cafedesfleursco and @LincolnEatery on Instagram. For more information visit cafe des

By ML Staff. Photos courtesy of The Lincoln Eatery

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Photos by @shepaintswithlight. Check her out on IG! Phenomenal work!

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