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Healthy, Body, Mind, and Soul: Leaf Spa at Hotel AKA Brickell

Located inside the sophisticated and modern Hotel AKA Brickell, overlooking the beautiful city of Miami, you’ll find Leaf Spa—the first ever spa from the highly regarded AKA brand. Escape the bustling city noise and find your own private oasis here. Leaf Spa has created a unique space for guests to unwind and relax their mind, body, and soul. Using elements of nature, all massages, facials, and body treatments aim to achieve ultimate relaxation.

Upon arrival through the decadent hotel lobby, guests will make their way to the nature inspired spa on its separate floor, where they will be asked for a brief questionnaire. This allows therapists to get to know guests better and focus on the areas that need more attention. Immerse yourself in a new world—close your eyes and listen to the sound of traveling water as you walk down the hallways, gently lit with candle lanterns. The ambiance is serene and makes for a wonderful experience.

At Leaf Spa they believe in the seasonality of life. The same way a tree sheds their leaves in the fall, and is full of new leaves in the springtime, so do our bodies. Our bodies are designed to embrace change—but we often forget that. Bodies can blossom new leaves, and one leaf at a time we get closer to our true selves. At Leaf Spa, through the power of nature, they aim to remind our bodies where they came from—earth. Through their philosophy, treatments, and rituals, guests are reminded how to embrace change and adapt to any circumstance—just the way trees do every season.

The journey begins with a very relaxing ritual—the cleansing of the feet. Upon entering this alluring room, you’ll take a seat at one of the comfortable stations which are adorned with luscious pillows. There might be other guests getting their feet cleansed, but given the size of each station, guests will feel absolute tranquility. Dip your feet in the cleansing station directly below your seat, where your therapist will gently massage, and then soak your feet in water treated with your choice of lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus salts. At Leaf Spa they believe it’s through the feet that we connect to earth’s energy, which is why it’s very important to start here to achieve serenity and feel grounded.

There are many treatments available at Leaf Spa. The Mani/Pedi offered is unlike any other experience. Paired with a sound bowl balancing massage, not only will your hands and toes leave rejuvenated, but so will your mind. You can add Chakra Hot Stones to the treatment for added relaxation—the stones also help with spiritual and physical balance.

Leaf Spa also offers seasonal spa treatments. During the winter we are often looking forward to a new year, when it’s a time to reset and reflect. The Peaceful Pause Massage might be just what your body needs put all anxieties aside and start a new year with a fresh mind. In the spring our bodies are ready to take on new challenges, so you might be looking for more energy. The Floral Flow Massage, through aromatherapy, aims to elevate your energy. In the summer, our bodies look to have fun, and enjoy life, try The Honeysupple Facial aimed to harmonize the skin. In the fall, The Mindful Meditative Massage is a powerful treatment starts with a guided meditation and sound bowl healing—just what bodies need as the end of the year approaches.

Leaf Spa offers signature treatments, such as The Vibrant Body Vichy Body Treatment. The Vichy Shower experience is particularly luxurious. During this detoxifying shower your therapist will gently scrub and relax your body and mind. Have you ever showered while laying down? It defines a new level of relaxation and pampering. Infused with lavender, The Lavender Lymphatic Massage helps detoxify and remove all toxins from your body. From head to toes, your therapist will be thorough with every inch, losing up those tense muscles.

Every treatment is spectacular. The therapists are very experienced, passionate, and professional. They will be your guide through this journey. After your treatment comes to an end, proceed back to the changing room where the sauna is located—it’s a perfect way to end the day. You might also want to try the Hydrotherapy Tub—these powerful jets are proved to loosen tight joints, relieve pain, and heal spiritual energy. And if you didn’t have a chance to visit the Relaxation Room before your treatment, you can always go back to relax and meditate. Finally, don’t forget to visit the Wish Tree which traditionally represents hope. Here guests can grab a ribbon and tie their dream onto the tree.

The Leaf Spa is located at, 1395 Brickell Avenue, Miami 33131.

For more information, visit:

or call (305) 503-6533.

By Claudia Paredes. Images courtesy of The Leaf Spa


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