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GetZENd Announces “6 Weeks to Happy” Online Course

Zahra Karsan, Founder & CEO of GetZENd, peak performance coach and bestselling author of "6 Weeks to Happy” announces the launch of her “6 Weeks to Happy” online course ( This course teaches the revolutionary R.E.W.I.R.E. System™ to individuals looking to improve their overall mental and emotional health while increasing their productivity, wealth, and career goals. The “6 Weeks to Happy” course is the first of a planned suite of online classes to include “6 Weeks to Workplace Wellness” and “6 Weeks to Happy for Coaches.”

This revealing information, once only available to industry leaders and C-Level business executives, is now accessible to anyone who aspires to achieve peak performance in their careers and personal lives. The “6 Weeks to Happy” course is the culmination of over 20 years of study, research, and application. Zahra uses scientific principles from sources like Harvard and MIT to retrain the brain and re-integrate the subconscious. The result: learning how to remove your inner conflict and the barriers to your success so you can live your best life ever. In this program, you learn the science of happiness as you acquire three tools per week for six weeks, to help retrain your brain for success and overall happiness.

Taking the 6-week course enables mastery of the R.E.W.I.R.E. System™ and thus your own personal fulfillment. You will have more control over your life and career, with greater focus, increased productivity, and better mental clarity.

The course includes weekly self-paced video classes, homework, and regular live streaming sessions with Zahra. During these sessions, students will receive direct coaching from Zahra and have the opportunity to ask questions.

“The R.E.W.I.R.E. System™ was developed through the trials and tribulations on the path of my own self-discovery as well as proven methods with hundreds of coaching clients,” says Karsan. “I know this system works because I am the first test subject. I am very honored to be able to share this information with people who, like me, strive to live a healthy, happy, and successful life of meaning.”

The 6-week course:

Week 1: R = Relax and Quiet The Mind - Reboot and clear old programming. In week 1, you learn how to recognize the patterns of behavior that have held you back from accomplishing the life of your dreams. We remove the obstacles to your success and the core sources of stress and anxiety. These have been your barriers to happiness and success for far too long and you will learn how to recognize and remove these in week 1.

Week 2: E = Eliminate the Noise - Learn how to better regulate your energy so your life is more manageable. In week 2, you learn how making simple changes to your life can help you regulate yourself so that your life feels easier. This is the starting point to achieving your goals.

Week 3: W = What Do You Need - Define your personal plan. Most people don’t even know what makes them happy. Many of us are living a life that we subscribe to, but it’s not really one that fulfills us. Because happiness isn’t a one size fits all solution. It’s unique and personal. Here’s where you get to create your personal plan.

Week 4: I = Imagine & Visualize A New Future - Realize a different outcome. In weeks 1-3, we cleaned out the old stuff no longer serving you. In week 4, you learn the tools to retrain your brain for this new vision. Now we get to design a whole new life that has you thriving. You learn the secret sauce to manifestation and how to retrain your thoughts for a more exciting and empowering life.

Week 5: R = Repeat & Rewire - Create a daily practice to stay in the zone. In week 5, you get to learn the tools to stay in this new, more empowered mindset so that you don’t shift back to old patterns.

Week 6: E = Elevate & Expand - Upgrade Your Operating System. In the final week of the 6-week program, you get to supercharge your new vision and expand your field of possibilities. What you thought was impossible before suddenly feels possible.

Zahra Karsan is an inspirational public speaker as well as a trusted personal Success Coach to dozens of global executives. Voted by Yahoo Finance as a Top 10 Success Coach, she is the best-selling author of 6 Weeks to Happy and the creator of the R.E.W.I.R.E. System™, a groundbreaking methodology that retrains your brain for greater happiness, health, wealth and success. Her company, GetZEND, offers a suite of interactive tools that include online video training and an award-winning app to help you stay on track with your life goals and improve your life experience.

With over 20 years of experience as a top-tier Management Consultant and Corporate Coach, goal setting and producing results became second nature for Zahra. She now coaches corporations, business executives and industry leaders on how to achieve their career goals while also experiencing a more fulfilling life. Most recently, Zahra was awarded a Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries Award by the International Forum for Advancements in Healthcare. She holds degrees in Psychology, Applied Positive Psychology, and Neuroscience, and is Certified as a Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Timeline Therapy Practitioner. Certified in Mindset Coaching and Neuroscience, she continually advances her education in Quantum, Metaphysics, and related fields, to bring you the latest research and most innovative tools so you can continue to achieve and thrive.

Zahra sits on the board of the World Happiness Foundation, whose mission is to create a world where we can be free, conscious, and happy. Zahra also works on her passion project with The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation to empower young girls to move past limiting beliefs so they can live more powerfully.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Zahra Karsan


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