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We look forward to your participation in Miami Living Magazine! Below are deadlines and production specifications for your program.

Question? Feel free to email Laurie Barboza.

Miami Living 2023 Deadlines


Magazine and Magazine Editorial Deadlines

​Miami Living Magazine is published 6X yearly

Feb/Mar Issue

  • Months Covered: Feb-March

  • Editorial Deadline: Jan 25

  • Art Work Deadline: Jan 25

  • Publication Date: Feb 15


April/May Issue

  • Months Covered: April-May

  • Editorial Deadline: March 25

  • Art Work Deadline: March 25

  • Publication Date: April 15


June/July Issue

  • Months Covered: June-July

  • Editorial Deadline: May 25

  • Art Work Deadline: May 25

  • Publication Date: June 18


Aug/Sept Issue

Swim Issue  (The Best of Swimwear Fashion)

  • Months Covered: Aug-Sept

  • Editorial Deadline: July 25

  • Art Work Deadline: July 25

  • Publication Date: Aug 15


Oct/Nov Issue 

The Art Issue  (Art Basel | Miami Art Week Issue)

  • Months Covered: Oct-Nov

  • Editorial Deadline: Oct 5

  • Art Work Deadline: Oct 5

  • Publication Date: Oct 22


Dec/Jan Issue

Holiday Issue  (Shopping issue + Best of Art Basel)

  • Months Covered: Dec-Jan

  • Editorial Deadline: Dec 5

  • Art Work Deadline: Dec 5

  • Publication Date: Dec 15

Magazine Advertisement

  • Full page ad: 8.5" x 11.125". If you contracted for a spread (two consecutive full page ads), submit the following ad size: 16.75" x 11.125" 

  • Format: high resolution FLATTENED Adobe PDF file.

  • Ad examples: Full page and spread

  • Deadline: See schedule above for publishing dates

Magazine Editorial Guidelines

Submit a story containing 600-800 words with the content you are looking to promote. Format: Word document, Google document, etc. Editorial tips: Make it educational and include the following items:

  • Title (company/business name)

  • Credits (optional for images and text)

  • Contact information (website, social channels, etc)

  • Images: Submit 2-8 medium to high res images (jpeg format)

  • Deadline: See schedule above for publishing dates

Online Press Release Broadcasting


A press release is an announcement directed to Miami Living readers (broadcasted via, such as a business update, event, new release, etc. It can be the same as your editorial piece (if you have contracted for it). In addition, if you have already written a press release, you are welcome to submit it.

  • Suggested word count: 600-800

  • Reminders: Be sure to include contact information such as website address, social media channels, photo credits (if required), etc.

  • Images: 2-8 images (jpg, medium to high resolution)

  • Deadline: 2-4 business days for content publishing

Social Media Marketing


  • Submit a text for Facebook and Instagram along with 1-3 images (100-200 words).

  • Submit a text for Twitter along with 1-3 images (35 words or 280 characters maximum). Important: Hashtags are counted as part of your character allowance in Twitter.

  • Video: Submit a video that is no longer than 1 minute (not required).

  • Feel free to include "tags" and "hashtags" with your text.

  • Tip: Use this website to ensure you do not submit extra words for your social media posts. 

  • Deadline: 2-4 business days for content publishing

Submission Process

  • Compress your files and submit them via email to Laurie. Please be sure to provide Laurie access to the files.

  • You may also submit your assets via DropBox link with full access (ability to download and edit files).

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