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Women's Work & Monkey Business at The Wolfsonian

The Wolfsonian–Florida International University (FIU), located in the heart of the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, is showcasing a special art exhibit titled "Women's Work & Monkey Business."

"Shimmering Feminism" in Girl Sewing:

Revisiting a Painting by Doris Lee

Early 20th-century female artists like Doris Lee not only portrayed a world with shifting gender norms, they also subtly subverted traditional views of women's work.

New Music Miami ISCM Festival 2022

Select Wednesdays @ 7/7:30pm

For low-key, high-culture musical experiences, catch upcoming performances from a talented lineup of clarinetists, percussionists, ensembles, and student composers.

King Kong

Sunday, April 3 @ 4pm (tour) + 5pm (film)

The biggest, baddest, and first-ever kaiju makes a rare return to the silver screen! Don't miss the 1933 masterpiece that introduced Kong, the giant ape who squashed New York.

Aerial Vision:

Closing April 24

If you can't explore our skyscraper and airplane-inspired exhibition during the pre-film tour on April 3, there's still a month left to check out the show.

Video Spotlight

A story to know: During the Second World War, 855 African American servicewomen formed the 6888th Central Post Directory Battalion, the war's only Black women's army corps unit stationed in Europe, and made possible the active chain of communication between fighting soldiers and their loved ones back home.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of The Wolfsonian Museum


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