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With Clarity: Crafting Timeless Jewelry for Every Occasion

Founded in New York City, With Clarity operates as a direct-to-consumer jeweler dedicated to providing exquisitely crafted, enduring jewelry that's accessible to all. Their core values center around transparency and convenience while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality.

Devoted to catering to diverse preferences, the online jeweler offers lab- grown and natural earth mined diamonds for individuals seeking bespoke engagement rings.

Through With Clarity’s innovative Home Preview Program, customers can try up to two replica rings from home, seamlessly bridging the online and physical store experience, free of charge.

Beyond their engagement rings, the collections encompass a diverse range of stunning jewelry pieces, from opulent gemstone statement accessories to budget-friendly earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Their designs aim to elevate everyday wear and commemorate life's most cherished moments.

Key Collections:

Elegance and Haute Collection:

Recently introduced within The Luxe Collection, these additions showcase distinct characteristics to cater to individual tastes.

Crafted with a focus on sleekness and elegance, this collection epitomizes pure simplicity and refined grace. These pieces highlight the stone's prominence while maintaining a more understated band, encapsulating the essence of quiet luxury.

Elevating sophistication, the Elegance Collection complements various styles with a touch of high-fashion allure.

Featuring striking standalone pieces, the Haute Collection exudes sophistication and captivates attention. Whether it's an evening at a Broadway show or a memorable anniversary dinner, these pieces own the spotlight, sparking engaging conversations and leaving a lasting impression.

Holiday Proposal Inspiration:

Embracing the spirit of the holidays, With Clarity celebrates the season's unique moments filled with kindness and enchantment.

Their jewelry serves as an embodiment of elegance and joy, enhancing every cherished moment. Unwrap the magic of the holiday season with an unforgettable piece that captures the essence of love and special memories.

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Follow them on their pages: IG: @mywithclarity | Facebook: @MyWithClarity

By ML staff. Images courtesy of With Clarity.


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