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Why the Disruptions Are Now Behind Miami’s Luxury Wedding Planners

Miami is considered one of the most lavish destinations to get married due to its famous beaches and party scene. During the pandemic, however, the wedding industry took a huge hit.

Speaking to Caplin News, Cinco Farms Miami’s wedding planner, Carol Falco, outlined how the venue saw a 70% decrease in bookings in 2020 as couples postponed their weddings.

To get a sense of how bad the problem was, in 2019 Florida weddings averaged about $30,600 and had decreased by approximately $11,600.

This hit the luxury wedding sector as fewer people were willing to splash out on their big day.

The good news is that things are getting back to normal. A recent wedding market report for Miami-Dade, FL, showed that there were 24,780 weddings, making it 9 out of 3109 Counties in the number of weddings.

This shows how weddings in the region are still a big driver of the economy. And with more people investing in their big day, distributors are back behind Miami’s luxury wedding planners. These are the reasons why.

Couples Are Splashing Out on Miami Weddings

The estimated cost of a wedding in Miami is $33,000, up 8.2% from 2019 to 2022, according to a report from Axios Miami.

The report cited how, after the pandemic halted travel and get-togethers, “weddings have come roaring back with bigger budgets, longer guest lists, and grander ideas.”

More couples are willing to splash out on a luxury wedding in Miami. This has led 77% of wedding vendors in Miami and across the country to increase their prices, showing confidence in the luxury wedding market.

This has led to an increase in the number of distributors in the city, with Gustavo Cadile opening a new Miami bridal store this year.

Miami has seen a 75% rise in the number of millionaires between 2012 and 2022, and this has led to Gustavo Cadile following their wealthy clients and now working with the city’s top wedding planners.

Another wedding distributor that recently started in Miami was Bill Hanson. Launching Bill Hansen Luxe, which will provide clients with high-end food and beverage offerings in an elegant setting at some of South Florida’s top-rated venues, Hanson said, “Bill Hansen Luxe will open the door to more opportunities for work with the high-end client market, and we are excited to introduce it at a time when high-end weddings and events are booming.”

It also shows how luxury distributors have increasing faith in the luxury wedding industry in Miami and are backing the industry.

Couples Are More Careful Post-Pandemic But Still Indulging

The pandemic had a huge impact on Miami, impacting all sectors of the city.

Even though restrictions have been lifted across the USA, many couples are still careful when it comes to planning their wedding. While the Miami wedding industry is getting back on its feet, couples are still opting for small weddings.

A guide to wedding planning by 77 Diamonds outlines how couples are being much more cautious about who they invite and the type of ceremony they want post-COVID.

This follows the recent wedding trend in Miami, where the guest lists are smaller, but the investment in weddings was up.

Wedding planner Roxy Quevedo from Zeta Event Productions said, “Some are spending a little more on lavish extras because they now can.”

Celebrity Miami Weddings Are on the Rise

One factor driving the luxury wedding market in Miami is the number of celebrity weddings. This year, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreir married at the Perez Art Museum in a lavish wedding.

The wedding was highly publicized, showcasing why Miami is so popular amongst wealthy couples.

Other high-profile marriages in the city recently include Clark Bacon and comedian Sabrina Rudolph, who got married at Miami Beach, and 2Chainz and Kesha, who got married in The Temple House.

Not only did these weddings cost millions of dollars and employ dozens of planner distributors, but they continued to put Miami on the map and inspire affluent couples to consider Miami as their wedding destination.

After taking a big hit during the pandemic, the luxury Miami industry is showing strong signs of recovery, and this is evident in how distributors are backing wedding planners as they put on more ceremonies.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Pexels.


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