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What Type of Background Checks Are Best For My Needs?

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process for both private companies and government organizations. These are done to verify the information of the candidate and are usually conducted as the last stage of the hiring process.

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Many think criminal background checks and background checks are interchangeable, but that isn't true. Background checks include various components, and a criminal records check is a part of it. A background check gathers more information beyond criminal records to verify who the candidate is and their information.

This article will list different types of background checks and provide a brief explanation of what each of them includes.

Different Types Of Background Checks

Below, you'll find six of the background check types. However, note that what your background check consists of may vary depending on your authorization and legal regulations.

Criminal Records

Criminal records are one of the most common types of background checks. Since employers will want to know if the person they're hiring has a criminal history, it's also one of the most extensive. Due to the weight criminal records carry for the hiring process, it will include everything available about the individual's criminal history from federal, state, and local sources.

However, some charges and offenses may not appear because state regulations limit how far background check agencies can investigate. There are also similar federal regulations, but it doesn't cover criminal records – more on that for other types of background checks.

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Identity Verification

Identity verification is yet another critical type of background check for employers. It enables employers to ensure the person applying for the job is who they say they are.

Identity verification involves comparing the person's Social Security Number with records such as financial and legal documents. If there are any inconsistencies, they will be flagged in the background check.

Employment History

Employment background checks verify the candidate's work experience. These background checks are conducted through private and public sources, and the background check service provider may even contact previous employers to verify their information.

If the candidate has lied on their resume, claiming that they worked at a company, it will come up on the employment background check. This type of background check also verifies the duration the individual has worked, allowing the employer to be sure of the candidate's qualifications.

Education Verification

Educational credentials and qualifications are highly important for most roles. Therefore, education verification is a critical background check type. This type of background check ensures a potential candidate has graduated from the college or university they say on their resume. However, it can go beyond that.

Background check companies are also able to verify the training the candidate has undergone throughout their education and the certifications received. If there is any discrepancy, it will be flagged in the background check.

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Financial Background Check

Financial background checks are mostly required for positions that involve managing money. Since financial services companies want their employees to have good finances, financial background checks include various details, from tax liens paid to bankruptcy filings.

Although a comprehensive type of background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act limits how far back background check providers can look on financial background checks. For example, they can only go as far back as ten years for bankruptcy filings and seven years for collection accounts.

Driving Records

If the position requires operating a work vehicle, driving records (Motor Vehicle Report) are essential for employers. It verifies the candidate's driver's license and shows traffic violations, driving-related criminal convictions, and license suspensions.

Like the financial background checks, states may have restrictions on how far back the background check company can look at driving records. Therefore, information outside the allowed period by the state won't appear in the background check.

Run All Types Of Background Checks

There are various types of background checks, but (luckily) you don't need to deal with multiple background check companies. You can run all types of background checks on USPeopleSearch and get a comprehensive report on all the points. The best part is all you need is a name, address, email, or phone number to get started.

You can also run a background check on yourself through USPeopleSearch to know what information is available to background check providers.

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