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Watch "MAKE" at the Art & Culture Center

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood is pleased to present a special screening of the 2011 documentary, MAKE, directed by Scott Ogden and Malcolm Hearn. The 78-minute film will be screened through Oct. 25 in the Center’s Main Gallery at 1650 Harrison Street. 

MAKE is an intimate journey into the lives of four American self-taught artists: Prophet Royal Robertson, Hawkins Bolden, Judith Scott and Ike Morgan. Isolated and struggling with the disabilities life has dealt them, these artists all find their most powerful voice through art. Using the simplest of materials, they each produce work that is both sublime and at the same time completely their own. Primarily driven by scenes of the artists creating, their interwoven stories are told by the artists themselves as well as through family and friends whose lives they have touched.

Royal Robertson


Hawkins Bolden

Words by The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. For more info about contemporary gallery exhibitions, live stage performances, and award-winning education programs visit the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. Hawkins Bolden, photo credit: Ted Degener. Royal Robertson, photo credit: Frédéric Allamel


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