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VISU Contemporary Opens Al Farrow Exhibition

VISU Contemporary is opening a new exhibition titled “Loaded” featuring sculptures by artist Al Farrow.

Al Farrow and Vandalized Mosque Door

An accomplished sculptor in a wide variety of media, Farrow adopts the language of a particular historical period for his work, updating the imagery or material to make cogent observations about contemporary society. In recent years he has used munitions—bullets, guns, hand grenades, bombs—to make three-dimensional projects that resemble Christian reliquaries, Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues. The surprising inventiveness and the technical tour-de-force of his craftsmanship are highlighted in his work. Farrow denigrates no one belief in his work, being mindful, respectful, discriminating, and probing toward all. His striking composite depictions of religious architectural structures are meticulously realized and perfectly scaled. 

Each work gives new meaning to the materials Farrow uses. Gun-barrel towers and domes built of bullets not only compel the viewer to consider the present, but also recall the history of conflict. The artist's material choices may be jarring, but they also provoke awe and inspire reflection. By repurposing second-hand firearms and ammunition, Farrow adopts weapons as a medium to illuminate the dark side of various forms of organized religion. With their division of people into saved and damned, brethren or infidels, chosen or forsaken, his mosques, cathedrals and synagogues are a reminder of how often faith has served as a justification for war. 

VISU Contemporary gallery co-owner and co-curator Bruce Halpryn said, “I have collected Al Farrow’s work for many years.  His sculptures made of munitions are not only thought provoking, but they are incredible works of beauty as well. We are so pleased to be able to offer these to our Miami Beach collectors.”  

Farrow’s exhibition will consist of up to 20 sculptures made of munitions, and debut at VISU Contemporary Art Gallery on April 12 and remain on display through May.

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Al Farrow - The Middle Finger of Santo Guerro 2022

Al Farrow - The White House 2018

ML Staff. Images courtsey of VISU Contemporary


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