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VeriJet Improves Travel & Sky Pollution Without Fees

VeriJet is a safe, reliable revolutionary addition to the world of aviation. Known as an “Uber for the sky” they allow travelers to fly at their one schedule and closer to their destinations

With coronavirus fears fueling the demand for private jet aviation, carriers in the $10 billion+ industry are at 150%+ occupancy as family offices and others seek solutions for safe travel and counter cyclical investment opportunities. Family Office Networks provides unparalleled access to private aviation companies, including member rates and priority to access flights as well as investment opportunities.

With VeriJet, passengers travel where they want - when they want. Too often, travellers are forced to fly to large, congested airports in major cities - that may be a great distance from their final destination. Now, they simply enter their exact address of their destination into the app and the state-of-the art Cirrus Vision Jet aircraft will fly them to one of the 5,400 non-crowded smaller airports closest to where they want to go. No long lines, crowds or waiting for boarding, luggage, etc.

VeriJet operates on an industry proven AI routing platform – ensuring profitable, efficient use of its aircraft with dependable and scalable sources of demand. VeriJet’ s jet aircraft have a unique Safe Return capability that can auto land the jet without pilot assistance. VeriJet’ s entire fleet has in integrated whole airframe parachute system in case of true emergency, and state of the art safety features unavailable with any other leading private jet carrier

The CDC has determined travelers come in contact with 700 different items, on average, during a typical trip using major airports, a number that is brought way down when traveling with VeriJet.

Striving to lessen carbon footprints, VeriJet saves over a ton of C02 compared to other light jets and features reduced noise levels for quiet operations at local airports. All jets are professionally cleaned before and after every flight and the air is purified throughout flights to ensure the safest environment for all passengers as well.

For business or for pleasure, or wherever you’re traveling to, VeriJet is your answer. Out of the skies and off the runways, Verijet keeps its commitment to social responsibility. Verijet supports programs such as EAA Young Eagles, Girl Venture, Women’s Air Race Classic, STEM, Aviation Merit Badges, and PBC Aviation Programs with the intent of making more pilots and giving kids choices.


To learn more about VeriJet or book your next flight, please visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Verijet


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