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Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods for Renters in Miami

Miami is a bustling city known around the world for its beauty and diversity. It has been the setting for many big movies and TV series, which have helped bring in a ton of tourism. If you're coming to live in Miami, you are going to love it.

However, figuring out where to stay is not easy. You want to rent an affordable place in a nice area, but rent is more expensive than ever. While far from the most expensive city in the US, prices are still above the national average. Depending on where you find a place, you may pay an even bigger premium.

For this reason, finding an apartment in an up-and-coming neighborhood is an attractive proposition. These are areas which have not been traditional hubs for whatever reasons. There are some great neighborhoods you may not have considered that are seeing a renaissance.

Are these neighborhoods safe?

Up-and-coming neighborhoods may have higher crime rates than those which are already well-known. This may lead you to feel wary of these areas. However, the good news is that the crime rates in these neighborhoods are still low. For the most part, crime is going down throughout the country, even if we have seen a bit of a blip over the past couple of years.

No neighborhood is entirely free from crime. This is why having renters insurance when renting in Miami is so important. You should also ask your landlord to install a good security system if there is not one already installed.

Here are some of the best up-and-coming neighborhoods in Miami for 2023.


Calling Downtown Miami an up-and-coming neighborhood might seem strange. After all, it is already a hub. However, until fairly recently, it was home to businesses only. Building codes did not allow for the construction of apartment blocks. A change in building codes has allowed the neighborhood to grow as a residential area.

Downtown is the perfect district for young professionals. It is close to where many people work, allowing them to avoid the frequent Miami traffic jams. There is plenty to do, with many restaurants, shopping malls, and some great nightlife.

Next to Downtown Miami is Brickell, which is also feeling the boom of new residential properties. These are both great neighborhoods to start renting in while prices are still relatively affordable.

Little Havana. Image by Naomi Tamar

Little Havana

Little Havana came into being in the 1960s. It was where many Cubans settled after escaping Fidel Castro’s regime. However, you do not have to be Cuban to enjoy living in Little Havana. Still steeped in Latinx culture, the neighborhood is attracting more and more newcomers.

A retinal unit in Little Havana will bring community with it, as well as access to vibrant culture. You can enjoy the best Cuban dishes at restaurants and even go dancing at local Salsa dancing clubs.

Southwest Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a beautiful area relatively far from the skyscrapers of Downtown. With tree-lined streets, it provides an idyllic home for many Miami families. The Southwest part of the neighborhood is becoming more residential, providing plenty of opportunity for new renters to find a place to stay.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s nothing to do. It is close to public transport, so the rest of the city is at your doorstep.


Love nature? Then Edgewater is perfect for you. This relatively hidden gem provides the perfect landscape for those who love hiking, picnicking, and walking their dogs. It is a very laid back neighborhood. While it’s not ideal for the type A personalities among us, those who love to live in the sunshine will enjoy every day in Edgewater.


Flagami is a small neighborhood with the most affordable rent of any option on this list. It is great for singles and families alike – you'll find it to be a great school district but close enough to the city for those who want to have some fun. The Flagami community is close-knit, making it attractive to those who are particularly community-oriented.

The above up-and-coming neighborhoods are perfect for renters in Miami who don’t have endless cash to spend. Choose the neighborhood that most appeals to your personality and your price range.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Unsplash


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