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Ultra-Premium No.3 London Dry Gin Debuts in Miami

Celebrating its U.S. debut, the award-winning No.3 London Dry Gin was unveiled during an exclusive, invitation-only affair set against the backdrop of a tropical oasis.

Held at The Sacred Space Miami, guests enjoyed an interactive experience that fostered a deeper appreciation for No.3’s “Pursuit of Perfection,” while highlighting the spirit’s botanical heritage. The immersive brand experience welcomed world-renowned master mixologists including Julio Cabrera, Andy Cabrera, Jeremias Barn, and Christian Delpech, with the legendary Alessandro Palazzi showcasing his craft.

Miram Arias, Julio Triay, Cass DiMicco,Alessandro Palazz

“We couldn’t have asked for a more exquisite debut of No.3 London Dry Gin in Miami,” said JP Calabria, No. 3 Miami Brand Ambassador. “The energy, vibrancy, and discerning culture of Miami is the perfect location to offer an intimate exploration of the gin’s nuances. We are now well positioned to establish No.3 as the premier gin brand in Miami and beyond.”

JP Calabria, Lori Sobel, Emilie Sobel, Ria Michelle

Sophie Bierstorfer, Petra Levin, Davina Dresbach, Danielle Brooks, Barbora Bujáková

With an impressive turnout of cultural connoisseurs, social sophisticates, notable media, and influencers, the launch marked an unforgettable milestone, firmly weaving No.3 London Dry Gin into the fabric of Miami with a formidable future across North America.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of World Red Eye/No.3 London Dry Gin


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